Our Digital Marketing Consulting Process Steps

May 3, 2016

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Want to be a top performer in the rapidly changing field of marketing? We help you succeed, with our digital marketing consulting process and framework.

Get top business results

  • Delight customers, with customisation at every touchpoint. This builds brand affinity, customer satisfaction, and loyalty.
  • Embed digital innovation into customer journeys so purchasing becomes fast and easy.
  • Boost ROI. Increase sales, while reducing cost of sales, service or marketing.
  • Improve marketing processes with automation and intelligence. Staff focuses on higher value-added tasks. We boost sales and shorten your sales cycle.

Our unique consulting process will help you reach your goals. It’s because we start with the end in mind, and follow-through.

How we do that? Via our four-stage-process.

Our digital marketing consulting process stages

CloudAnalysts Digital Marketing Consulting Process Steps
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Digital marketing strategy

Stage 1 | Set the strategy

To get the strategy right, we zoom from broad to deep:

  1. Strategic Marketing: Our first job is to grasp your industry, business model, objectives and goals, and understand your challenges. We complement a base-assessment with customer, market, competitor & industry analyses as needed and budget/time permits. We map your current marketing strategy and its effectiveness in this context.

2. Digital Marketing: We learn the effectiveness of your current digital marketing programs. We look at how your marketing automation setup currently integrates with your other marketing, customer service, and the sales process.

3. Inbound Marketing: We evaluate your marketing automation setup vs. industry best-practice and your objectives:

  • Technology, is your marketing automation platform optimised, e.g. is lead scoring in place?
  • Tools, e.g. do you have buyer personas in place?
  • Workflows, e.g. what automation rules do you have in place? How efficient are your content creation and social posting processes?
  • Manpower and staff skills, e.g. where are bottlenecks and skill gaps?

We do our research & analysis (existing performance, data, digital marketing setup, tools & systems), we hold tailored stakeholder interviews, and we discuss findings in a strategic base-case workshop (where we are today, where we’d like to be).

Digital marketing planning

Stage 2 | Plan the roadmap

Armed with strategic insight, we develop a visionary plan for your Digital Marketing Transformation Roadmap.

The roadmap is unique to your business. It may include modules for:

  • Developing personas.
  • Dissolving pain points.
  • Re-inventing customer journeys.
  • Improving customer segmentation.
  • Devising lead scoring, and lead grading.
  • Designing intelligent workflows.
  • Selecting technologies and methodologies.

We will create an initial vision roadmap from our findings and based on our expertise. This roadmap sketch will be the foundation for planning workshops with executives and teams for input and buy-in. The resulting roadmap will be our living working document.

Digital marketing implementation

Stage 3 | Implement

Two streams in parallel:

Marketing: We work with your team in Sales and Marketing to carve best-of-breed marketing processes, plans and campaigns. New content assets have to be created. It’s a very exciting process for your internal team.

Digital Marketing Tools: Meanwhile, as your Salesforce, Pardot and Marketing Cloud consultants, we will configure your CRM, marketing automation platform and integrations for you. Our agile working methods ensure a bi-weekly delivery of work.

Configuration can include a million things:

  • Email templates and A/B testing.
  • Engagement studio nurture programs.
  • Tagging, structuring assets.
  • Page tracking.
  • Forms and landing pages.
  • Advanced customer segmentation, e.g. based on customer action.
  • Automation rules & completion actions, e.g. pinging a rep with an email that his prospect is getting ready to buy.
  • Connectors. E.g. To sync 3rd party app data with Pardot. Integrate communication and workflows between Salesforce CRM and Pardot or Marketing Cloud.

Getting it to work in tandem

As digital marketing consultants, we consult our clients well beyond the marketing automation platform configuration, and align the technical and digital marketing content orchestration.

Digital marketing optimisation

Stage 4 | Optimise & empower

Optimising means making things better over time. We do this through training, ongoing coaching, plus managed services to progress technically.

We’re keen to build your internal digital marketing skills as well as learn the new technology. It’s crucial to your ongoing success of marketing automation. If your team is new to a professional marketing automation platform such as Pardot or Salesforce Marketing Cloud (in contrast to a simpler email marketing tool like MailChimp), we aim for skill transfer throughout the project. This will empower the team.

To champion your success, we stay available to coach you and your team. As consultants we have more access to latest trends and technological innovations, Salesforce releases and the likes. And we’ll like to share these with you.

Founded on a Managed Services package to roll out the technical roadmap, we also want to be your trusted partner, delivering your overall success over time.

And that’s our Digital Marketing Consulting Process. Well thought-out, tailored to your goals. To help you succeed.

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