Benefits of Pardot Lightning App

Besides the new single login for both Salesforce and Pardot, we see several other benefits of the Pardot Lightning App you will want to take advantage of today:

Benefits #1 of the Pardot Lightning App: All people in 1 place

The Pardot Lightning App shows all your visitors, prospects, leads and contacts into 1 place, so you can see where your pipeline needs work.

Benefits #2 of the Pardot Lightning App: Better Campaign Management

Pardot Lightning App shows you the Salesforce Campaign-functionality within the context of Pardot marketing. With Connected Campaigns set up, this is a welcome change from Pardot’s prior limited campaign functionality being merely a way to group marketing assets and relate them to visitor-‘source’.

You also can now see the campaigns you’re using for Pardot marketing in a handy Salesforce List-view. This takes campaign management up several nudges. For example, now being able to select a view of campaigns based on filter criteria, you will saves time when looking for a specific campaign.

You can also customise the Pardot navigation bar to include favourite Salesforce tabs that are often used my your marketing team.

Benefits #3, the Engagement History Lightning Component for More Readable Insights

The Engagement History Lightning Component shows you tracked website page visits, interactions with emails, and form and landing page submissions, in a much more readable way.

Benefits #4 of the Pardot Lightning App is Homepage customisation

For some companies this tip can be a game-changer to marketing insights and workflow: for an even more customised user experience, you can assign a different home page to a different profile. This way, a Pardot Sales user can have a different home page than a Pardot Marketing user, for example.

How-to: choose this option in the Activation setting when deploying the new Homepage to users.

Update: Pardot is renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as of April 5, 2022.

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