Best CMS Software

When it comes to the best CMS software for content marketing & blogging: after 9 years of blogging we conclude that the WordPress blogging platform is excellent, and for many businesses, the best there is.

Certainly, WordPress has become the industry standard, when it comes to value for money, ease of use and extensive website functionality through plugins. It’s an amazingly sophisticated blogging platform that suits most business. The list of excellent plugins is growing and growing. Unless your business literally has tens of ‘000s of content pieces to manage, WordPress is the lowest cost, easiest to manage blogging platform, with the best functionality.

WordPress Design Themes

What’s perhaps a hidden secret, but a significant time and cost savings, are its ready-made design themes. To create a properly branded, professional and striking design theme which would leverage all of WordPress’ outstanding functionality – it would cost your in-house web design theme several weeks/months – a significant investment of designer resources.

You won’t need this kind of investment when using WordPress. It has attracted top web designers, have made it their business to create many incredibly functional and stunning blogging design themes, which you can buy off-the-shelf – for often less than $100! Additionally, these designers maintain and constantly upgrade their themes to prevent spam, recover bugs and add latest and greatest functionality. So using pre-made themes offers unbeatable value.

The WordPress Genesis Framework

One of the best of these families of themes is the StudioPress’ Genesis Framework. It can be configured with a range of beautiful business blog designs. Every blog looks gorgeous ‘out of the box’. Plus, is instantly customizable to suit client needs. For almost all the blogs in the Aryta blog portfolio, we use Genesis. Very happy with its qualiy, we highly recommend Genesis for professionalism at low cost.

Click on any of the images to learn more about these beautiful, professional WordPress StudioPress Genesis themes.

Themes of the Month

Every month, StudioPress offers a new theme. If you like to keep your blog fresh and up-to-date check out the StudioPress Theme of the Month – Interior Pro Theme. While it’s designed with interior design firms in mind, it will most likely befit any business with a stylish, architectural taste and an abundance of rich images of it’s own services to display through the theme. This design theme is just one of many.

This is why we consider WordPress the best CMS software out there for blogging and content marketing.