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Sep 19, 2016

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What can be considered ‘the best webhosting’ depends on your type of business and the type of software you’re running.

The WordPress Site and Blogging Platform

We love WordPress as a CMS and blogging platform, as it’s easy to use, free, and its functionality is super extendable with 30,000 plugins -most of which are also free.

To host WordPress -based blogs and websites, I have two recommendations for you here today:

  • A high-end professional WordPress web hosting service with top performance worldwide.
  • A true-and tried low-cost web hosting service that we also have used for many years for high-volume blogs and businesses for whom lighting fast performance is not as critical – with great results.

High-end Professional Web Hosting

We all have our favuorite providers, and WP Engine is one of them for our business. The key benefit of WP Engine is that it is by far the best hosting for WordPress. It is lightning fast, dedicated to support WordPress, and professional. All people who we have sold this to, are very happy with it.

Click the banner for more information on WP Engine. If you are an established business for whom site uptime, security and speed are important, this is where you will want to host it.

Learn more about what it would cost ( read: how much you’ll save!) to migrate from Hubspot to WP Engine, with us?


Low-cost Web hosting Services

Suitable to many businesses (except large corporations) is another one of my favorite hosting companies. When it comes to low-cost web hosting, none in the industry can really beat the prices of Having worked with them for ne 8 years for my clients and our own websites, I highly recommend them. Named the World’s Largest Registrar, GoDaddy.comDigital Marketing Platforms and Tools offers both domain name registration and web hosting. This makes the company also ideal for startups with beginning web masters.

Tip: if you choose GoDaddy, everything is very inexpensive, … except for when you have to do a full restore from their backup and get instant customer service. My simple workaround is set your blogs up with a good free backup WordPress plugin plus a daily/weekly backup routines. Complete restores are only expensive in relation to their incredibly low cost hosting; they are reasonably priced when you think the headache they can save you and the work involved for them.) But, given the unlikelihood/ infrequently of when you may need a complete restore (i.e. probably never), GoDaddy is a great choice.

Tired of Waiting for your Website to Load? $1/ mo Hosting + Free domain!
Check to see if their promotion is still on: GPB 1/mth if you live in the UK. Doesn’t get much cheaper than that, and it is still reliable enough for most sites.

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