5 Tips to get the most out of Dreamforce

Jul 18, 2022

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Join Salesforce Dreamforce this year! Here are our tips to get the most out of this mega-spectacle: in-person or via Salesforce+ .

Salesforce Dreamforce seems to be always ‘just around the corner ‘and is typically held in September. Due to Covid-19, most people got to see the sessions only online, and the previously most sought-after in-person experience of Dreamforce was ‘by invitation only’ to ensure compliance with COVID protocols. In 2022, Salesforce celebrated its 20th anniversary of Dreamforce and in 2023, the event was all about AI, and dazzling indeed.

What to expect

The conference kick off will feature Salesforce Co-CEOs Marc Benioff and Bret Taylor Their opening keynote will given live from the Moscone Center, highlighting Salesforce’s mission, our global Trailblazer community, customer success stories, and the latest Salesforce product innovations. During the week that follows, participants will learn things like:

  • Global companies that have used the latest technology to transform their businesses and wow their customers.
  • Trailblazers who are using Salesforce to create new paths and are building a better world for others.
  • Hundreds of expert and luminary speakers, who will share how they are leading the way in philanthropy, sustainability, equality, reskilling, and digital transformation.

Tips to get the most out of Dreamforce, online or in person

Tens of thousands of on-site attendees will have access to exclusive in-person content and experiences.

Are you one of the lucky Salesforce users who will get to go to Salesforce flagship conference in San Francisco this year? Then, read on, as you’ll need some help to make the most of this typically overwhelming event.

Now, if you are going to be a virtual visitor, the same 5 points apply, albeit that the nuances are different. So, if that’s you, read on too!

5 Dreamforce tips

As with everything that has a tendency to ‘overwhelm’, my first tip is to break it down and simply.

Tips to get the most out of Dreamforce #1: prepare and map

Decide beforehand what you are going to see and map a route to go from A to B to C, etc. There are lots of planning resources at a bit closer to the date.

Virtual visitors are sometimes (read: very often) too relaxed with planning their participation. However, we recommend to seriously review the 4 day schedule and book time in your calendar to watch certain sessions will bring best results.

5 Tips to Get the Most out of Dreamforce

Tips to get the most out of Dreamforce #2: book your time

This event now takes over San Francisco city and there is some serious walking involved to go from venue A to venue B. Set up a tool like Calendly to book your time during the event. Allow some breaks, be sure to have some time slots for new contacts to book an appt with you. Pop on 1 hr of ‘must attend to’ regular work/emails to keep things going back in the office.

Virtual visitors don’t need to worry about this. So, while you miss out on the San Fran scenery, at least you won’t get as tired either …. (not sure if the one makes up for the other.. )

Tip #3: have zen time

(Maybe the best tip to get the most out of Dreamforce)

It’s 3-days straight: days and evenings. Unless you are super-fit, you’ll be exhausted by the sheer number of people and energy of it all. Allow yourself an hour of zen time each day to recoup.

We all need a bit of zen, in San Fran or Brighton.

Tip #4: do what’s important to YOU

Only attend to what’s important to you. Be the boss of your time!!! By being laser-focused on what you came to do, you won’t be as tired. As well, block out any non-essential input / requirements from the office for these 4 days.

Blocking out office demands will be so much harder if you see the event virtually. Hence the suggestion to put select sessions onto your calendar as business meetings. Content will be available on Salesforce+ before, during, and after Dreamforce, however, you have to honestly ask yourself if you will make the time to watch sessions that are not diarised.

Tip #5. prepare follow-ups

Following up with your new connections, discovered opportunities and new learnings to implement – it can be huge! The most efficient ways to doing follow-ups is either executing or planning that follow-up right there and then, and bring in some automations. Download a business card scanner app on your phone and scan in those contact details. Bring new people in as leads or partners into your Salesforce org.

Prepare a marketing campaign with few follow-up activities ahead of time, for easy execution. Then, have a useful ‘nice to meet you’ email or ‘welcome journey’- email series ready to send to everyone you meet. If you’re an Asana user, plan new and nifty implementation projects with a target due date. But most importantly, read this article: Top Tips for using Pardot for Events.

Obviously, it’s not as simple to meet people on a virtual event than in person.

These are our top 5 Dreamforce tips. Wishing you a great Dreamforce event experience! We can’t wait what new innovative thought will be revealed this year at Dreamforce. Always an inspiration.

Click here for the Dreamforce 2024 attendee guide by Salesforce

Plus, the below chart will be replaced when the latest one for Dreamforce 2024 becomes available.

In the meantime, you can use these tips for all conferences you’ll be visiting this year, and be more successful while you’re at it.

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