Become a Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate to get more from SFMC

Feb 9, 2024

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Together with the Salesforce Certified Associate and its AI Associate credential, the new Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate award that was introduced today by the company is designed for people who have a foundational understanding of the Salesforce platform and up to six months of experience with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement.

Salesforce certified marketing associate exam preparation and tips

Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s number 1 hindrance to successful adoption in my opinion is lack of technical platform understanding by marketers, and a real aversion/fear to get there. This new Salesforce certified Marketing Associate study could be very helpful in this regards.

The trailmix study materials on Salesforce Trailhead essentially includes the basic modules for marketing cloud as well as some basic email marketing understanding. You can find the trail here. Then, complement that with actually working on the Salesforce marketing cloud platform.

What’s covered in the trailmix and the course content for this Salesforce marketing Associate certification

  • General marketing concepts (metrics, target audience, opt-in/opt-out, and compliance and privacy basics) — Exam Weight 28%.
  • Marketing Cloud basics: components, functionalities, SFMC navigation and key features – Exam Weight 22%.
  • How to use its tools to undertake basic digital marketing tasks: engage with customers, drive leads, and support business objectives.
  • In particular, Email Studio and Journey Builder. (sending email: Exam Weight 22%)
  • Data management – Exam Weight 18%.
  • Basic understanding of Marketing cloud reporting and tracking tools: for opens, click throughs and conversions. – Exam Weight 10%.

Salesforce Marketing Associate Certification – Exam Details

  • 40 multiple-choice questions ( plus <5 non-scored)
  • 70 minutes.
  • Passing score: 65%.
  • Exam registration is only US $75 and retakes are free.
  • Proctored exam without references.
  • No prerequisites, although it is said to help if you have the Salesforce associate certification. This makes sense.

Become a Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate

We really see great value in becoming a Salesforce certified marketing associate. Initially, it will greatly help you to get started. Then it will help you get more out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Next, it can help you boost your career in the mid-to long term. How does that work? Your company will get a greater ROI from its marketing cloud investment – making your IT team happy. And they will get greater conversion and sales results as a result of your improved marketing execution. Now you’ll have a happy VP of Sales and VP of Marketing all rooting for your promotion. See where becoming a Salesforce Certified Marketing Associate will lead you?

And if your company has marketing cloud and you’d like some help getting faster results, contact the CloudAnalysts team.

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