Benefits of Pardot Lightning App

Jan 25, 2024

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Besides the new single login for both Salesforce and Pardot aka Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, we have a growing list of benefits of the Pardot Lightning App that we want you to take advantage of today.

Growing list of benefits of the Pardot lightning app

Let’s discuss each of these in turn.

Benefits #1: drag & drop Pardot email builder in lightning experience

Arguably the best feature of the Pardot Lightning app is the new drag and drop email builder. Today, this builder lets you create both list emails and email content for Pardot Engagement Studio.

Besides the fact that it is easier to use, you can also fit your page layout with collaboration tools, such as Salesforce Chatter and Notes. What this means is that your emails can now also be built by those in the marketing teams who are not HTML savvy – just marketing savvy. And the collaboration tools let you agree upon an approval process so that your communication processes stay secure.

Benefits #2: better campaign management

One of the benefits of the Pardot Lightning App is that is shows you the Salesforce Campaign-functionality within the context of Pardot marketing. With Connected Campaigns set up, this is a welcome change from Pardot’s prior limited campaign functionality being merely a way to group marketing assets and relate them to visitor-‘source’.

You can now see the campaigns you’re using for Pardot marketing in a handy Salesforce List-view. This takes campaign management up several nudges. For example, now being able to select a view of campaigns based on filter criteria, you will saves time when looking for a specific campaign.

You can customise the Pardot navigation bar. Include the favourite Salesforce tabs often used by the Marketing team.

Benefit #3: all people in 1 place

Pardot in Lightning has major benefits for your whole organisation. Marketing, Sales and Service teams can all benefit from having a single platform. In fact, that’s anyone who has marketing permissions and is a Pardot user. Now, they only need 1 login to access all apps in Salesforce. And for Pardot admins, The Pardot lightning app also brings the Pardot user management to Salesforce.

Next, the Lightning navigation is as flexible as Salesforce’s other apps. You can personalise your marketing workspace as you wish. A handy base set of tabs is already preconfigured to get you started.

For example, the Pardot Lightning App shows all your visitors, prospects, leads and contacts into 1 place. See where your pipeline needs work.

The Lightning app also ties in with Salesforce Campaigns, which today are connected to Pardot campaigns — or at least, they should be. By having your rich Salesforce campaign in formation now associated with Pardot, you stand to gain more insights.

Last but not least, the Pardot Ligthning app is a prerequisite for B2BMA — an add-on purchase for advanced Business to business Pardot Marketing analytics to be used in Salesforce.

Benefits #4: engagement history offers more insights

The Engagement History Lightning Component shows you tracked website page visits, interactions with emails, and form and landing page submissions, visually. It’s reporting you never had access to before. Empowered by Tableau.

Benefits #5 of the Pardot lightning app: homepage customisation

For some companies this tip can be a game-changer to marketing insights and workflow: for an even more customised user experience, you can assign a different home page to a different profile. This way, a Pardot Sales user can have a different home page than a Pardot Marketing user, for example.

How-to: choose this option in the Activation setting when deploying the new Homepage to users.

Benefits #6: better use of snippets

Snippets are like Santa helpers for the efficient Pardot email marketeer. You can use these re-usable blocks on landing pages, forms, email templates and list emails. They leverage Handlebar Merge Language. A snippet can be associated with more than one (connected) campaign or business unit. Snippets with multiple assignments still show the same value for every assignment. Snippets are only available in the Pardot lightning app.

Benefits #7: use of Pardot business unit

As Pardot BU’s leverage Salesforce, they are only available in the Pardot Lightning app, not in Pardot or Salesforce classic.

Benefits #8: access to Einstein send time optimisation*

Einstein Send time Optimisation is an AI feature to optimise your list email sends. As it evaluates historical email engagement data from Account Engagement to recommend an optimal send time for the individual prospects on your lists, you need the Pardot Lightning app for this all to work. *ESTO is only available in the Account Engagement Advanced and Premium editions.

‘Benefits’ #9: Pardot classic app retirement

Admins and power users are to use the Pardot lightning app in Salesforce to get access to its latest new features. The Pardot classic app has long been retired several years ago. However, you can still access Pardot via, for those who need just standalone access.

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Further reading

There are plenty of other Pardot and email marketing articles on this blog. For example, have a read of our Contact form spam protection – 10 tips, which are particularly suited to Pardot. (This article was first published: Feb 2, 2021. Updated April 5, 2022 when Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement – for clarity’s sake, we’ll keep writing about Pardot. And updated November 14, 2023, to include the latest things and features.

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