Salesforce Roadmap with Customer 360 & Einstein Artificial Intelligence (videos)

Nov 29, 2018

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For us at CloudAnalysts, Salesforce implementation consultants who like to be at the forefront of delivering customer-centricity, — for us, the best of Dreamforce 2018 means a formidable step ahead into the future (2019 and beyond), particularly with Einstein Voice and Customer 360.

Best of Dreamforce 2018: Learn the details here and get ready.
Your Salesforce future is in the making today!

Overall, Dreamforce is becoming an ever larger event with more than 175,000 people this year. Now it overtakes the entire city of San Francisco. Huge! There is a lot going on in that event. So, we went through the effort of distilling the essence for you, asking the experts for the Salesforce Dreamforce 2018 Major Announcements, and then summarising these here, in 3-4 super-short videos.

Last week, in our Brighton Salesforce User Group at our wonderful Brandwatch Brighton venue, we invited London-based Salesforce Engineering masters, Simon Cook and Sanjay Pradhan, to share their views of the Dreamforce 2018 major announcements with us 1).

Best of Dreamforce 2018

Among the many announcements, the very best of Dreamforce 2018 on everyone’s list was probably:

  • Customer 360, and
  • Einstein Voice.

Followed by:

  • Salesforce & Apple Partnership: technology-wise & in trailhead learning
  • Quip update now with Slides
  • Salesforce Lightning Flow Overhaul & new Flow Solutions on AppExchange
  • Sales Cloud Enhancements with Salesforce High Velocity Sales, a new cloud for Inside Sales with Sales Cadences, Work Queues and Marketing Automation, and Salesforce Billing.
  • Service Cloud Enhancements, like Service Cloud Essentials, a stripped down version of the full-suite Service Cloud. (BTW. We just implemented a prior version of this, when it was still called Employee App, in one of our clients. Very successful solution at a fraction of the cost. See our Salesforce Healthcare Case study – Service Cloud.)
  • New developments on Trailhead, most notably, My Trailhead.

Simon and Sanjay discussed each of these Major Salesforce Dreamforce 2018 announcements at the Brighton Salesforce User Group meeting earlier in November.

5 min video.

To me, this is one of the most exciting upcoming developments as in my mind’s eye this can completely pivot the whole adoption pinnacle for Einstein into its favour, and that is the serious adoption by sales reps and execs of Salesforce.

How to Sales reps work? Seen any today in the corridor? They were on the phone. At their desk? On the phone. In line at Starbucks? On the phone. In the train? On the phone. You get the picture: Sales folks and top level executives alike: they love their phone.

Moreover, they also all love answers, in figures, ideally. And they love things being done for them, automatically.

Well, Einstein Voice is promising to become all that. But wait, it’s in beta, so don’t get too excited just yet. Meanwhile, read my article on Salesforce Einstein Voice, and get ready.

Other Announcements

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