Which social media platforms are best for your brand?

Jan 31, 2016

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From Linkedin to Instagram, your brand can reach additional audiences on a range of social media platforms. As each platform has different audiences and different communication features, you can share your brand stories in tailored ways as you guide your customers on their journeys on these platforms.

Selecting the social media platforms that are best for your brand also depends on the demographics of the audiences that are presented on each platform. Create and guide the social interactions that you are looking for by working through the social demographics of the audiences in this #infographic.

Developing a social media marketing plan does not have to be overwhelming. Working through this sheet makes it a little bit easier. It contains demographic information from Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Snapchat.

Social Media Demographics for Marketers

Which social media platforms are best for your brand? -
This social media marketing infographic was developed by SproutSocial.

How to Select Your Social Media Platforms

While I advice clients to secure their brand name on all major social media platforms for future use, in practice what I recommend is to start learning how to a social media marketeer first by focusing on a selected few platforms that best befit their target audiences.

How to Get Started with Social Media Marketing

This is a big enough topic of another article, or a private chat with one of our expert consultants. The two most important comments I would like to share in this article is that social media marketing is no longer optional.

Every brand must start gaining involvement today to learn how to interact with their customers directly on the various social veins. And secondly, as with every real-life conversation, be sure you are not talking too much about yourself and are interested in ‘them’.

By getting involved, learning and engaging with prospects and customers on social media you will learn that any of the social media platforms can give you enhanced customer loyalty and brand strength, free in-depth market research findings, and eventually more leads and sales.


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