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Nov 14, 2023

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Salesforce Loyalty Management Solutions | Businesses need to keep their customers happy and satisfied to retain them. Building customer loyalty is one of the essential factors in a company’s success. Today, more important than ever.

Customer loyalty refers to the customer’s willingness to do business with a particular company repeatedly. It is a crucial element that helps businesses grow and increase their market share.

Loyalty is key


of consumers would use loyalty programmes more if reward are personalised.

According to Salesforce 8th Edition of the State of Marketing, loyalty is a now a key performance indicator:


said of leadership encouraged to prioritise long-term customer relationships over short term wins.


said that they were at least partially evaluated on post sales metrics like customer value and customer retention.

Therefore, Salesforce has been providing innovative solutions to help businesses manage their customer relationships for over two decades.

One of their latest offerings is Salesforce Loyalty Management, a comprehensive loyalty program that helps companies build customer loyalty through personalisation.

Let’s now look at: Salesforce Loyalty Management’s features, and how it can help businesses build long-lasting customer relationships.

What makes a good loyalty management programme?

Let’s take a step back and think about the art of marketing and how loyalty is realised. To help us with our customers think through how to develop a loyalty programme and adopt best practices, we’ve created the following model:

Salesforce loyalty management

Great loyalty is realised by pursuing these 5 goals:

  • CONNECTION – Making daily tasks easier and fostering a sense of connection.
  • EXPERIENCE – Improving the brand experience.
  • REWARDS – Compelling and exclusive benefits.
  • SHARED JOURNEY – An ongoing relationship made up of multiple interactions with customers.
  • PROGRAMME & PRODUCT DESIGN – Delivering a programme that meets customer needs.

Once you connect these goals, the core programme evaluation criteria emerge:

  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Be easy to use
  • Community building, and
  • Offering great value.

What is Salesforce loyalty management?

And what does CloudAnalysts do?

In this context then, Salesforce Loyalty Management is a cloud-based loyalty program platform that helps businesses create personalised loyalty programs to engage with their customers. The platform offers a range of features, including customer segmentation, reward points, redemption rules, and personalised offers, among others. It allows businesses to create a tailored loyalty program that aligns with their brand values and meets the unique needs of their customers.

As a specialist implementation partner of Salesforce Loyalty Management, CloudAnalysts can help businesses set up and optimise their loyalty programs. With years of experience in Salesforce implementation and customisation, CloudAnalysts can provide expert guidance on how to leverage the power of Salesforce Loyalty Management to achieve your business goals.

CloudAnalysts has a team of certified Salesforce professionals who are well-versed in loyalty management and can help businesses tailor their loyalty programs to meet their unique needs. From program design to implementation, CloudAnalysts can provide end-to-end support to ensure the success of your loyalty program.

Benefits of Salesforce loyalty management

Salesforce Loyalty Management offers a range of benefits to businesses looking to build customer loyalty:

1. Personalised rewards and offers

With Salesforce Loyalty Management, businesses can create personalised rewards and offers based on customer preferences and behaviour. This helps to create a more engaging loyalty program that is tailored to the individual needs of each customer. By offering rewards and offers that are relevant to customers, businesses can increase their loyalty and retention rates. In Salesforce lingo this would be “Delivering personalisation for members at scale”.

Salesforce Loyalty Management Solutions - sample screen

By configuring integrations with the Salesforce platform and via APIs, you can connect Loyalty Management with the rest of your systems. Integration means a single customer view, which is perfect for data driven marketers. Unified data allows them to know and better target your most loyal members.

The secret to success is removing silos – The technology allows you to deliver more dynamic and personal loyalty experiences for customers by removing silos and connecting member data across multiple systems. Once you have created a consistent customer reward program experience, you can rewarding them for their engagement and their loyalty across every interaction and touch point they have with your business.

2. Customer segmentation

Put the customer experience at the centre of your loyalty program! Leveraging Customer 360 you can deliver unique experiences.

Salesforce Loyalty Management allows businesses to segment their customers based on various criteria, such as purchase history, demographics, and behaviour. This helps businesses to target specific customer groups with tailored loyalty programs and offers. By targeting the right customers with the right offers, businesses can maximise the impact of their loyalty programs.

Don’t just think of loyalty programmes for B2C! They are for B2B also. And Salesforce has the functionality for you to organise this.

3. Reward points and redemption rules

Salesforce Loyalty Management allows businesses to set up reward points and redemption rules that align with their business goals. This gives businesses greater control over their loyalty programs and helps to ensure that rewards are distributed fairly and consistently.

You probably would like to have more than one loyalty programme. The platform allows you to integrate these programs for a unified customer experience.

4. Real-time tracking and reporting

Salesforce Loyalty Management provides real-time tracking and reporting on loyalty program performance. It uses Tableau CRM behind the scene. This allows businesses to monitor the effectiveness of their loyalty programs and make data-driven decisions to optimise them further.

Salesforce Loyalty Management Solutions

How CloudAnalysts can help

As a specialist implementation partner of Salesforce Loyalty Management, CloudAnalysts can help businesses get the most out of their loyalty programs. Here are some of the ways we can help:

Program Design and Implementation

CloudAnalysts can help businesses design and implement their loyalty programs, from defining program goals and customer segments to setting up reward points and redemption rules. And then translating these business requirements into Salesforce configuration and development.

Customisation and Integration

CloudAnalysts can customise and integrate Salesforce Loyalty Management with other Salesforce products to create a seamless loyalty program experience for customers. This is typical for Loyalty.

Optimisation and Reporting

CloudAnalysts can help businesses optimise their loyalty programs based on real-time tracking and reporting. We can provide insights and recommendations to help businesses maximise the impact of their loyalty programs.

Considerations & your next steps

Loyalty management is a necessarily marketing goal and Salesforce is a powerful platform that can help you build long-lasting customer relationships through personalisation. With its range of features, including customer segmentation, personalised rewards and offers, and real-time tracking and reporting, businesses can create loyalty programs that align with their brand values and meet the unique needs of their customers.

As a specialist implementation partner of Salesforce Loyalty Management, CloudAnalysts can help businesses set up and optimise their loyalty programs to achieve their business goals.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you build customer loyalty with Salesforce Loyalty Management.

Salesforce loyalty platform glossary

Benefit types: eg. double benefit points if it’s your birthdays. You map benefits to a tier. Another angle would be shipping.

Currencies: these refer to the qualifying and non-qualifying currencies associated with the program. Qualifying currency refers to the engagement of a member with the program and is associated with a tier group. You use qualifying currency to evaluate a member’s tier. Non-qualifying currency refers to the points that the member earns for redemption.

Points earned: You can set up the loyalty currencies for a loyalty program so that members accrue points when they perform certain activities in the loyalty program.

Members: individuals (person account) or corporate (contacts).

Member referral code: Assign members a unique referral code that their friends and family can use to join the loyalty program (new feature Spring ’23).

Experiences: Create a feature-rich portal for your loyalty program members using the Loyalty Member Portal template. Keep your loyalty members engaged by letting them track their progress in the reward program with the Loyalty Member Portal. 

Partners: redemption partners to spend the points. or accrual partners.

Promotions: As a user, you can view the promotions offered to a member in the loyalty program. There are 2 types: for Cumulative type promotions, you can track the member’s process towards achieving the promotion’s target usage.

Redemption rules: These are simple way to ensure rewards are distributed fairly and consistently. They include rules around how many points are required for specific rewards and how often rewards can be redeemed.

Tableau CRM: formally known as Einstein.

Tiers: the higher your tier, the greater your benefits. Eg. gold is better than silver.

Transaction Journeys: e.g. social media feed or other marketing interaction or post sales-related journey.

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