Clean Data for Best Marketing Automation with Pardot

May 2, 2019

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Or… “How Clean Data (… aka database cleaning) improves User adoption, eases Implementation, and allows Marketeers to realise the Best Marketing Automation with Pardot.

Importance of Clean Data

Last April, the London Pardot User Group* invited Astrid and myself to be the lead experts and hosts for a panel discussion on this very important and critical topic of database cleaning and Pardot. (* Thank you, Jess Pyne, for your having us!)

Our panel included Will Turner (Experienced Salesforce CRM manager and Group Leader of the London Einstein Analytics); Lucy Mazalon (Editor at TheDrip); and Chris Hyde (VP at Validity).

Clean Data Benefits by Persona

CloudAnalysts Jimson Lee & Astrid van Dorst Leading the Conversation around Clean Data for Marketing Automation with Pardot

3 Personas, 3 Sets of Challenges

We divided this talk into 3 personas, and discussed data issues, challenges and benefits of clean data (and a clean Pardot database) from the perspective of each:

  • the CRM User (end user)
  • the Implementation Consultant 
  • the Marketing User (end user).

Clean Data Issues for CRM Users

The video holds the answers, so I don’t want to repeat them here. But we addressed issues for the CRM user like: what is frustrating you? Missing fields? Required fields? Duplicates? How do you prevent bad data from being committed to Salesforce & Pardot?

Clean Data Challenges for Admins & Consultants

To help Implementation Consultants (and Pardot/Salesforce Admins), we focused on issues like ‘do you cleanse before deduplication? If so, what tools can you use? DemandTools? What tools can be used to prevent bad data from being entered?

Clean Data Benefits for Marketing Users

We addressed ‘How To Reach the Full Potential of Pardot?’ and other data related considerations in the world of Pardot marketing automation.

In short, bad data hygiene is costly to businesses in marketing as it means spending marketing funds on unusable data!!!! We highly recommend cleansing and preparing your data for segmentation rather than using that dirty data in an audience segment or for personalising content.

Over the years, we have discovered tools and methods to help you clean your data quickly. When you work with us on an assignment we will work with you and help you adopt data management best practices quickly. Data cleansing does not have to cost you an all-nighter before the email sending event.

Video Panel Discussion on Database Cleaning and Pardot

Practical notes:

  • If you can’t hear the audio, don’t worry, by the 7:30 mark of the video, the camera was moved closer to the speakers.

If you have any questions about the talk, or the above topics, please reach out to me.

– Jimson

Further reading on Pardot

Update: Pardot is renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as of April 5, 2022.

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