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Tableau software

Tableau software with Salesforce Data Cloud for cost-effective insights

Further to the Top takeaways Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 announcements, Salesforce clients now need to understand what Tableau software is, how to use it and what parts of it are now offered free for use with Salesforce Data Cloud. Tableau software has emerged as a...
Salesforce Loyalty Management Solutions

Boost retention w. Salesforce loyalty management solutions

Salesforce Loyalty Management Solutions | Businesses need to keep their customers happy and satisfied to retain them. Building customer loyalty is one of the essential factors in a company's success. Today, more important than ever. Customer loyalty refers to the...
Salesforce data cloud vision

How to start with free data cloud licenses – Webinar

Ready to unlock the immense new potential of Salesforce with the free data cloud licenses for your company? Let's prepare your company for this data & AI revolution! Join us: We will hold a second "Intro to Data Cloud" - webinar next week Wednesday. In this...
AI marketing

Why Salesforce Data Cloud for Marketing is a game changer!

Why Salesforce Data Cloud for Marketing is a game changer | What are the benefits of Salesforce Data Cloud, is it a Game-Changer for Marketing*? The Answer is empowerment.

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