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Nov 15, 2023

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Strategic partnerships can make all the difference. We are exciting with a new collaboration in marketing automation that will drive digital transformation for more clients: we’ve also become DotDigital partners.

CloudAnalysts, a well-know provider of cloud-based marketing solutions in the UK, is joining forces with DotDigital*, a provider of omni-channel marketing automation software. CloudAnalysts are industry experts in Digital Marketing and a top Silver or Ridge Salesforce partner in the UK.

“We chose to partner with DotDigital as its omni-channel, eCommerce and email platform is positioned as a strong mid-tier provider” — Astrid van Dorst, CEO, CloudAnalysts

DotDigital is different from Pardot and Salesforce’s own platforms, Marketing Cloud and MC Account Engagement (fka Pardot) which are at the top end of the market, and as such has a unique position in the market place.

Ease of use

The DotDigital platform does not come with all the automation and efficiency building options of Pardot or Salesforce Marketing Cloud. But on the flip-side, as a more basic toolset, it’s easy for clients to use. It also can come in at a lower price point, depending on how you use it. We also like that DotDigital is a home grown. A local UK-company, just like us. So by joining forces with it, we are both strengthen the UK economy. This is important, right?!

Our role as DotDigital partners

CloudAnalysts consultants will:

  • Build data-driven solutions on the DotDigital platform as we integrate it with the Salesforce CRM and external data sources
  • Help you create meaningful customer journeys with innovative campaigns using the triggers and tools that DotDigital has to offer.
  • Bring 20+ years of expertise in marketing automation to DotDigital clients.

DotDigital consulting assignments

Depending on your needs, budget and internal digital marketing skill set available, as DotDigital partners we’ll create a solution that is perfect for you. In all cases, we’ll follow the fastest route for you to be on your way to successful email communication.

What this can entail….

DotDigital Engagement Cloud Implementation

Foundation configuration of the platform

Digital Strategy

Developing strategies that accelerate your digital transformation.

Email Marketing Journey Planning & Design

We help you create delightful journeys with compelling messages & creative content that drive engagement and revenue


Salesforce Integrations, as well as other integrations, such as with Google Analytics and 900+ further options.

Reputation Mgt

Perhaps better explained as a Survey strategy, ensuring you collect the customer feedback you need to co-create a stronger service package for your clients.

Triggered email and journeys, Omni-channel solutions

I.e. bespoke solutions around specific DotDigital features and toolsets.

Email Marketing Best Practices

We know all about things like double opt-in, IP warmup or throttling, preference centers, etc. and will ensure that you will be set up to our best of knowledge for success.

Dotdigital Transactional email

Go beyond Sales and Marketing and use DotDigital features for routine operational email also to save your staff time and ensure compliance with your policies.


We can equip your online store with top MarTech solutions that convert.

Implementing DotDigital with Salesforce

Asa DotDigital Partner, we can design and deliver a range of DotDigital solutions around your goals and needs. Our aim is marketing excellence, at a price-point and complexity-level that suits your business.

Introducing Dotdigital Salesforce integration
DotDigital logo

We’ll integrate your DotDigital account with your Salesforce CRM via the DotDigital Connector so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Leverage connected platforms

We’ll help you extend the DotDigital core functionality with Salesforce features, and then show you how to run your communications on that technology — applying our 20+ years of experience in digital marketing to your project.

We’ll boost the success of your marketing and other organisational communications through effective email that brings and build relationships with leads, customers, partners, volunteers, donors and others.

Why integrated email marketing is important

In today’s society, customers all have high standards for communications and engagement. On social, web, or email.

Your customers may be called clients, customers, patients, members or otherwise. Your workforce may be volunteers, and your payment comes from donors, investors or clients.

But no matter who they are or what they are called: you want to create converting digital engagement with all of them.

That means that every email should have a purpose to delight & entertain, to build brand awareness, to educate, to communicate and strengthen your relationship, and most importantly, to solicit a reader’s action, or convert leads via your Call To Action’s (CTA).

We help companies and non-profits engage with success – with all their stakeholders on mobile and desktop. In fact, CloudAnalysts specialises in customer engagement.

DotDigital pricing

Dotdigital, and CloudAnalysts as Dotdigital partners, are committed to driving business growth for their clients.

As such, for both organisation, pricing is flexible and in line with your business growth.

The DotDigital pricing is flexible and based on your marketing goals, email/message volume, channel choices, and more.

Contact us with questions

CloudAnalysts pricing

As your DotDigital partners, CloudAnalysts will charge based on consulting time and materials. We can start on a project-basis, to help with a fresh install or troubleshooting a problem situation. We offer managed services packages thereafter.

Unlike other technology consultants, we help clients with developing their marketing programs, creating email templates, etc. — whatever they need to drive success.

While registered in London, we serve clients in

  • all of the UK
  • Europe
  • Plus the US & Canada.

Your next step

Like to talk about your organisation’s needs? Take advantage of our offer of a complementary 30- minute-initial consultation with a Salesforce and marketing automation expert.

As DotDigital partners, we look forward to helping you succeed.

Learn more about being successful with Salesforce, DotDigital and marketing automation

Marketing Automation Experts | Registered DotDigital Partners

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Further Background


DotDigital is a UK-based pioneer in mass email marketing. Its Salesforce connector offers a good set of features to integrate DotDigital into Salesforce.

It is a good introduction tool for organisations who are beginning with email marketing in Salesforce.

Partnering with DotDigital For Salesforce Implementation

CloudAnalysts is proud to be an official recommended implementation partner of DotDigital. We decided that being a partner for “DotDigital for Salesforce” complemented our service offering in Pardot and Marketing Cloud.

CloudAnalysts & DotDigital

CloudAnalysts consultants specialise in customer engagement for sales, service and marketing. Your customers may be called clients, customers, patients, members or otherwise. In today’s society, they all have high standards for communications and engagement. On social, web, or email.

We help companies and nonprofits engage with success – with all their stakeholders on mobile and desktop.

(*Dotdigital is formerly known as Dot Mailer, and also known as Dot Digital email and Dotdigitalgroup)

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