Email personalisation is the new conversion rate optimisation

Feb 12, 2024

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As I am working on a communication overhaul project, I am – again – in awe of the impact that an industry-focus brings to email communication. It raises “personalisation” up to a whole new level! There are so many levels or dimensions of email personalisation.

Email Personalisation Levels

Email Base Level

Email blasts. Hi! Hello! Heya! Email blasts are still remarkably common, in the field of recruiters, non profits who often work through volunteers with limited email marketing knowledge and time. So they’re forgiven. And we all start somewhere.

Email personalisation level 1: Using Tags

The first level of actual personalisation typically starts with <first name> and <company>. Tags can be very useful in building specificity and familiarity in an otherwise generic email.

They are also very handy to use for your name, phone number, signature files and other fields you may have created in your email marketing platform.

City and country can be relevant and give your email a local community feel. It can also be practical if you’d like to invite your audiences to local events or stores.

You can actually get quite far with tags, if used creatively.

Email personalisation level 2: Using triggers in journeys

You could take your personalisation a level up by looking at key touch points on the customer journey. E.g. You could trigger emails based on online prospect behaviour such as visiting a particular web page, so your offer is delivered at the right time to their inbox.

Email personalisation level 3: Create persona-based email journeys

Then, building up that, you could develop persona-based email journeys, so you’ll be talking in the right tone, and using the right data format that is most pleasing to that persona.

Here’s a little example:

A CFO might be more attracted to and swayed by numbers. If you’re a CMO, branding and customer experience are concepts you understand well. Every email marketing project has economic and marketing sides – which you talk about vary by audience.

Email personalisation level 4: Using Industry-based language

Next up, is using industry-based language in your communication. This is when you’re swapping generic words and images for industry-specifics one.

Dimensions for email personalisation - Introducing Industry-based personalisation

That works as follows:

Think of healthcare providers for example (we do quite a lot of Salesforce consulting for this sector).

Instead working with them on email marketing to invite their prospects to meet with their team, you’re communicating with prospects as clinics who have patients. They are inviting their patients to come in for a consultation with one of their clinicians.

Notice how a completely different picture was created in your own mind between these last 2 sentences. (read them again?!)

Beyond the words and images you’ll use in your email, you are actually bringing a wider context to live that is familiar and relevant to your prospect.

If you’re a B2B vendor of software, this industry ‘translation’ of your language means that in the eyes of your prospect, you’re no longer a generic vendor, but start to belong to their industry — by shifting your words and references, you become an ‘industry specialist’.

Stacking personalisation levels

See how your email communication becomes more meaningful to their recipients the more levels of personalisation you’re adding to your emails? Your emails will be more effective, and your bottom-line will benefit. And that is how personalisation is the new conversion rate optimisation.

Which level is your email marketing at?

  • Base, 1,2,3,4 or … ??
  • Did you skip a level? 
  • Or add other dimensions of personalisation?

Levelling up your email personalisation

We’re happy to give you a free half-hour consultation with an expert consultant to discuss how you can improve the personalisation of your digital marketing for better customer engagement, and ultimately better sales results. 

As part of our services we do offer marketing services such as communication reviews and help you transform your buyer journey work done to date.

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