Elevate Customer Journeys with LiveMessage (Salesforce for Messenger)

Apr 13, 2016

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Elevate Customer Journeys with  LiveMessage - Salesforce for Messenger
LiveMessage | image courtesy of Salesforce

(Updated March 2019)  Wouldn’t it be great if you could  bring your prospects’ Facebook Messenger chats directly into Salesforce? And then – if appropriate – convert them into a sales? Or, pop them into a 10-week follow-up email marketing campaign? Or, completely handle their customer service case in Salesforce, right there and then?! Well, you can! Get the power of mobile, two-way messaging. LiveMessage – Salesforce for Messenger.

LiveMessage – Salesforce for Messenger

In 2016, this was initially referred to as the new “Salesforce for Messenger Platform”.   Currently, it’s called LiveMessage. LiveMessage is Salesforce for Facebook chat (and SMS texting but I’ll leave that topic for another day.)

The potential is huge!

In the US, 97% of people use mobile text messaging 1+ times/day. It’ll be comparable in the UK. And on average, text messages have a 98% open rate vs. a 20% open rate for emails.

Source: Salesforce research.

These are superb numbers for online marketeers who deal with ‘unopens’ and service reps who deal with phone ‘no answers’ all the time.

With LiveMessage your inside sales and service teams can make your customer journeys more continuous, respond faster and create personalised, effective sales conversations, and store all customer data directly in Salesforce.

So many features.

In the chat window, you can peek ahead and see what a prospect is writing. You can see if the person contacting you is an existing lead or contact in your Salesforce org, and pre-populate chat questions for a speedy conversation and service delivery.

So yeah, you can embrace all customer journeys from marketing, sales, onboarding to existing customer service delivery.  You can channel all customer data from Facebook Messenger right into Salesforce.  To converse, convince and convert, leveraging the automations, email templates, campaigns and drip journeys you have set up within Salesforce already. Awesome.

Read on to learn how.

Introducing LiveMessage, the Salesforce for Messenger Platform

After setting LiveMessage up for some of our clients, we configured Facebook Messenger for ourselves at CloudAnalysts.  You can contact us at (Try it. Come say hello and share how we can help you today. Click the image below or the link.)

Elevate Customer Journeys with  LiveMessage - Salesforce for Messenger

Two years ago when the concept was first introduced, I reported: “Salesforce announced Salesforce for Messenger, the latest innovation.” Sounds a bit like ra-ra now, but we are every bit as excited about it today.  Salesforce has sorted out any teething issues, and in the middle of last year, more fully integrated it into the Salesforce Lightning experience for its clients.

Enhance the Sales & Service Delivery Process

There are a couple of things you can do to improve your processes here. You can:

  1. Put scripts here for your sales reps. Give reps access to Salesforce Knowledge FAQs as well, and wow, you are to boost performance!
  2. Give reps access to your Facebook chat as part of omni channel service. Perhaps previously Facebook was handled by the digital marketing team. Now it can be integrated into your call centre overall response. 
  3. Build this out and use service Einstein bots for data gathering and simple FAQs. This then allows your sales or service reps to focus on more complex customer questions and issues.

Why is Salesforce for Messenger so important for Companies in today’s Digital Marketing Era?

The  capabilities of Salesforce for Messenger aka LiveMessage have great sales, service and marketing potential, because of 3 things:

1) Immediacy. Eg. if a customer complains on your company’s Facebook Page, your customer service rep can route the conversation to Messenger to make a direct connection and solve the customer’s problem. This added immediacy and personalisation of reply can transform an at-risk customer into a loyal customer with great ongoing earning potential.

2) Great reach. Isn’t everybody already using Messenger? Well, almost. Messenger’s usage has nearly doubled from 2014 to now 900 million monthly active users. This is precisely why companies are so eager to embrace it as the new channel to extend customer engagement and create conversations.


Introducing Salesforce for Messenger platform

“With Salesforce for Messenger companies will be able to easily connect their businesses to Messenger, creating deeper, more personalised and 1-to-1 ​customer journeys within the chat experience.”

Alex Dayon, president and chief product officer, Salesforce

Facebook Messenger with LiveMessage part of Omni-channel

This way they too can realise completely new 1-to-1 experiences and customer journeys across sales, service, marketing and apps.

Yes, its a new service channel. You can configure your Salesforce Service Cloud now to make Facebook Messenger part of your omni-channel service setup,  and treat it as a serious new customer engagement channel.

‘Coz it is connected to the Salesforce CRM, each Messenger interaction can be specifically tailored based on the context of the entire customer relationship. Now we’re talking sophisticated marketing!

Integrate LiveMessage Creatively

A retailer can embed a Messenger plugin on the checkout workflow on its website so a customer can ask any final questions before making a purchase. Since this Messenger exchange is also connected to the customer’s previous sales, service and marketing account records, the company can take a more personal approach to exceeding customer expectations.

Just an idea of how LiveMessage could be stitched into a purchasing journey…

Companies will have an invaluable opportunity to use Messenger as a channel to build brand loyalty and deepen customer relationships by delivering seamless experiences across marketing, sales and service with Salesforce.

On a continuous journey to completely re-imagine CRM for the digital era, Salesforce for Messenger is the latest example of how Salesforce is expanding the market, and helping companies ensure that their every interaction with a customer is an opportunity to create a memorable experience.

Reduce Your Phone Costs

We haven’t even touched upon this, but with LiveMessage you can seriously reduce call volume, operational costs, besides boosting customer satisfaction. According to Salesforce’s own research amongst its customers, “companies decrease their telecommunication costs by 15% with Service Cloud Messaging”, … such as with LiveMessage.

Doesn’t that sound good for your digital marketing, sales and customer service teams? What do you think? Chat with us about it at   Or contact us below to schedule a demo.

You can buy Salesforce ‘LiveMessage’ functionality as an add-on, and we are happy to configure it for you and share our Best Practices for its use.


Interested to learn more?

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