Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20 – Starting with Pardot

Jun 3, 2020

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My team at CloudAnalysts had fun again reviewing and creating this Highlights of Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes for you. There’s really interesting progress in the Salesforce Pardot world. And of course, lots of new features across all clouds. While still in preview-state, we’d like to share them with you here, so you can prepare and get excited about what lies ahead.

Innovation and Customer Support In Times of Change

Innovation and Customer Support In Times of Change is the overall theme of the Salesforce Summer ’20 Release Notes.

While: the Summer ’20 Release is still in preview mode, with general availability still to be finalised, it is exciting to have a peek and plan ahead with us to implement these upcoming new features and benefits for your customers, your business top and bottomline, users working in Marketing, Sales and Service, and Salesforce Admins and your analytics team.

As CloudAnalysts design and implement multi-cloud solutions for Customer Engagement in Marketing, we like to present the Pardot Marketing Innovations first.

HIGHLIGHT SET 1 for Pardot

There is a lot more under the bonnet, in the what I call more ‘official’ Salesforce Summer 20 release. This release will bring more Salesforce and Pardot data and tasks together, which adds tremendous value. E.g. this will…

  • Help your Marketing and Sales teams to align.
  • Get your business better data and workflows
  • Assist Admins manage better manage users
  • Build more robust security
  • And more.

In many cases it means leveraging Salesforce functionality for the benefit of Pardot users. For example:

1. Pardot Engagement on Opportunity Records

  • Give your users access to interactive widgets that show tailored engagement data for their frequently viewed records.
  • Pardot added support for Opportunity records to the suite of embeddable dashboards.
  • Users can see activity counts, details about the activities’ associated campaigns, and a list of recent activity by related contacts.
Pardot Engagement on Opportunity Records

2. Pardot Sandboxes!!

  • Yes! Finally. You can now plan and test configuration changes before you implement them in your Pardot production account with the new Developer Sandbox for Pardot.
  • This sandbox is a Pardot Business Unit that is provisioned from a Salesforce Full Sandbox.
  • This change applies to Lightning Experience in accounts with Pardot Advanced and Pardot Premium edition that are connected to a Salesforce account with sandboxes.
  • It’s not for everyone, but it’s there!

3. Enhanced User Sync

  • Easier than ever to manage your users: you can now assign users to Pardot and manage them directly from Salesforce Setup.
  • Way more efficient and arguable more secure.
  • Available to all. Highly recommended.

4. Upgrade to Salesforce-Pardot Connector v2

  • Take advantage of improvements such as instant metadata sync, Business Unit Switcher, and the Pardot integration user.
  • So, go check if you are on a v1 connector, and if you are, head over to your Connectors page, and click ‘get started’. There will be on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade. v2 is a whole new ball game.
  • Alternatively, call your Pardot consultants to do this for you.

5. “Add to Pardot Lists” and “Add to Engagement Studio Lists”

  • Both buttons are now available to add to Record and List View pages in Salesforce. (CloudAnalysts used to have to create custom config to make this happen for clients before).
  • The buttons allow reps to add prospects to Pardot lists without leaving their CRM.
  • Adding prospects to an Engagement Studio list also adds them to related engagement programs, if applicable.

New Feature in BETA

6. First-Party Tracking (In Beta )

  • Pardot’s adding first-party tracking to keep you from losing prospect activity data, give you more flexibility with campaign attribution, and block traffic that doesn’t come from your domains.
  • To protect consumers’ privacy, web browsers are moving away from supporting third-party cookies over the next few years. But the marketing industry uses third-party cookies to track prospect engagement across marketing assets and domains.
  • So, do optin for this Beta, and stay on the leading edge of visitor tracking.

Innovations in Pardot and AI

Re. Marketing Analytics, AI, Einstein, B2BMA – all related terms -: here are new developments coming up:

7. Marketing Campaign Intelligence App/Einstein Attribution.

  • With Correlations in the Marketing Campaign Intelligence app, Einstein Attribution can calculate campaign influence percentages, and add customers from Salesforce to Pardot lists and engagement programs easily. Absolutely Awesome!

8. Explore Pardot and Salesforce Campaign Data Side-by-Side

  • The new Marketing Campaign Intelligence app brings two easy-to-read dashboards together in one place.
  • The Campaign Engagement dashboard shows prospect engagement data from Pardot, and the Campaign Performance dashboard shows relevant campaign data from Salesforce.
  • Sales and marketing users can explore these dashboards or create an Einstein Discovery Story to predict methods that can optimise their plans for maximum engagement.
Salesforce Pardotnew Marketing Campaign Intelligence app - Release Notes Summer 20
 Find out which audience segments most often engage with your marketing campaigns.

This offers simpler ways to find out which of your audience segments most often engage with your marketing campaigns. Helps to identify the best next step for future campaigns. It will be making it easier to achieve the results your business wants.

These two features are in B2BMA Plus:

The new app offers side-by-side dashboards (1) for an aggregate view and handy details (2) you expect from our B2B Marketing Analytics products.

9. Access and Customize Pardot Dataflows

  • Now you can see exactly which fields flow into your datasets when you use B2BMA Plus products with Pardot data.
  • Customise dashboards when you use the easy interface to create datasets. (De-) select the fields you want.

10. Get AI-Enhanced Attribution Data on Your Campaign Records

AI-Enhanced Campaign Attribution Data on Your Campaign Records
  • Use a customised model created by Einstein learning to more accurately identify the most effective campaigns in your customer journeys.
  • Einstein Attribution leaves rules-based influence models in the rearview mirror.
  • It uses artificial intelligence to develop a data-driven model that attributes revenue share based on your actual customers, their engagement, and your successes.

3 Differences Between B2BMA and B2BMA Plus

Let me clarify and put it into plain English. Most Pardot users already have access to B2BMA. The above new features are B2BMA PLUS. So, summarising it all in 1 few sentence: there are 3 key difference between B2BMA and the new B2BMA PLUS:

  1. B2BMA PLUS gives you two types of predictive capabilities:
    • A) ‘INTELLIGENT ABM to help max the size of the opportunities;
    • B) to predict how much engagement you’ll get out of your campaign.
  2. With B2BMA PLUS you’ll have a connector library.
  3. B2BMA PLUS gives you a whopping 1B rows of data.

So, be sure to at least get started with B2BMA, and when ready, upgrade to B2BMA.

11. Enhanced Setup of B2B Marketing Analytics

  • Now you can follow clear steps in Salesforce Setup to get started with B2BMA, instead of comparing help articles to figure out what comes next.
  • When you open the Setup page, we check your configuration and show you the right steps to enable B2BMA.

For Pardot Admins, who love to connect data sources, here are 2 API developments:

12. Reuse Snippet API Names

  • Save time thinking of elaborate descriptions for your API names, and use what makes the most sense. Now you can use the same API Name for your snippets when you assign each snippet to a different campaign or business unit. Previously, every snippet’s API Name had to be unique. With the right assignment, an API Name like event_name, copyright, or another commonly used value is now sufficient.

13. Pardot API: New and Changed Items

Use the Pardot API more effectively with these new features and changes:

  • Export API:
    • All objects: Added support for all export data objects to filter returned fields.
    • Prospect object: Added support for the prospect object. Export up to a year of prospect records at once.
    • Visitor Activity object:
      • New ability to filter visitor activity to return only records with a prospect ID.
      • Added the ability to filter visitor activity to return only records with a specific type.
      • Now with a procedure to retrieve visitor activity based on updated_at date.
    • List Membership object: Added support for the list membership object. Export up to a year of list membership records at once.
  • Visitor Activity: Now you can query visitor activity based on the updated_atdate.
  • Pardot API Authentication: Now you can authenticate using Salesforce Connected Apps. This change removes the need for a Pardot-only user to authenticate.

This was the main set of changes.

HIGHLIGHT SET 2 for Pardot

Before the official Summer Release will be available, there is a set of upcoming new Pardot B2B Marketing features are a tat ‘techy’ rather than glamorous, but nonetheless important.

For existing Pardot customers:

  • Enhancements to Security: To create a secure browsing experience for your prospects across your marketing assets, Pardot added an account setting to force all SSL-enabled Pardot assets to load over HTTPS. When a browser requests an SSL-enabled Pardot asset over HTTP, Pardot will force redirect the request to HTTPS.
  • Data Upgrades: Data for advanced email analytics in List Email reports will no longer available for emails older than 14 months.

For new Pardot customers:

  • Syncing: You can turn on Person Account Syncing without contacting Support. Before, to sync prospects with Salesforce person accounts, you contacted Support to enable the functionality.
  • Content reuse: all new Pardot accounts now come with Handlebars Merge Language enabled, as HML provides easier integration with Sales Cloud. 

These new Pardot features in highlights set #2 are first to be released and scheduled for release between June 15 and June 26, 2020.

Again, features are in Preview at the moment of this writing in early June, and not yet general available, except where noted. There are other new Pardot Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20.

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20
Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20

This concludes of the Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20 for Pardot. Learn more:

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20
Salesforce Release Notes – Summer 20

Salesforce Release Notes -Summer 20 – Highlights Cloud-by-Cloud

Now let’s look at the other Clouds.

HIGHLIGHT SET 1 for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Since Marketing Cloud operates on its own release schedule (latest release: March 2020), let me suffice with a quick little mention of recent improvements:

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20
Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20
  • Marketing: Interactive Email
  • Data Mapping Visualizer
  • Distributed Marketing Quick Send for SMS.

HIGHLIGHT SET 2 for Salesforce Core

  • Access Lightning Experience on iPad
  • Use the Optimizer App help you transition to Lightning Experience
  • Work Smarter with Split Views
  • Walkthroughs to your app
  • Improved prompts to help get your users up to speed.

HIGHLIGHT SET 3 for Salesforce Einstein

  • Better Results in Einstein Search with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to turn images such as business cards into alphanumeric text.
  • Make Better Predictions with multiple modelling algorithms and increased data row limits in Einstein Discovery.
Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20

SET 4 for Sales Cloud

  • Quick Actions Quick make it easier to assign tasks to queues.we love this!
  • Einstein Call Coaching (to analyse conversational data) and Engagement Details (to review engagement details to see when prospects engage over email/ Email threading /The Not Interested email insight lets reps know when a customer isn’t interested in their sales pitch.)– All this new features mean more efficiency when selling with High Velocity Sales.
  • Custom Opportunity Splits – Create more custom opportunity split types. In addition, you will get more control over opportunity access via territories.
  • Improved Kanban Views: You can now add company-specific tips and expertise to Kanban views. We really welcome this feature!
  • Gmail Integration Boost productivity: You can turn the email tracking feature on and off from a single setting for all Gmail integration and Inbox users. Plus, new keyboard shortcuts make adding text shortcuts to an email easier than ever.

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20

SET 5 for Service Cloud

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20 - Service Cloud
Einstein Reply Recommendations – boost Call Centre Efficiency
  • Talk with your customers via Service Cloud Voice, a new product that integrates the power of Salesforce with the telephony services of Amazon Connect.
  • Einstein Reply Recommendations: Recommend chat replies based on similar closed chats to support agents in the Lightning Service Console. Fabo!
  • Multi-Language Einstein Bots: Use Einstein Bots in nine languages. I think this is a much awaited feature for our European friends.
  • Manage Field Service Lightning shifts (beta) more easily with improvements to schedule views.

Please contact us about any of these new Service Cloud features, if interested.

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20

SET 6 for Industries

Salesforce for Healthcare – Remote Patient Monitoring

Vertical solutions from Salesforce Industries are full of features designed to bring you closer to the people who depend on you:

  • Emergency Response Management: helps you deliver contact tracing, monitoring, and other resources fast when crisis hits. Health Cloud has new emergency response features, plus more ways to support call centre workers and connect with patients, along with increased convenience and usability.
  • Better Customer Focus with Action Plans: Financial Services Cloud brings greater usability to Action Plans and helps you leverage your customers’ loan application data to create financial accounts.
  • Plus Search Enhancements, Store Visit Management, and More. Consumer Goods Cloud helps your field reps focus on the most important data and manage their schedules more easily. Manufacturing Cloud helps keep your sales plans on track by enabling account managers to set account targets and forecast better.

HIGHLIGHT SET 7 for Salesforce Analytics

  • Knowledge Category Filters: Gain more detailed insights about your knowledge articles by filtering knowledge reports by category.
  • New Data Prep Tool: Create recipes with the new, approachable editor, Data Prep (Beta).
  • Tree-Based Models: Get the best predictions from three modeling algorithms.

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20

SET 8 for Commerce

  • B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience: Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience brings the power of the Salesforce platform to your business-to-business (B2B) commerce solutions.
  • Enhanced Order Management Capabilities: Enhanced capabilities in Salesforce Order Management include support for multiple currencies, gross tax type on orders, refunds on cancellations, order product discounts, unmanaged orders, accounts and contacts, and payment processing with Adyen.

HIGHLIGHT SET 9 for Communities

Lots of significant improvements for Lightning Communities and sites. Most significantly, a lot of Personalisation Enhancements in both Experience Builder and via the API.

You can improve personalisation via Navigation Menus, Tile Menus, and CMS Collections: Determine not only what component a user sees, but also what they see within a component. Personalise CMS collections, navigation menu, and tile menu variations within their components. (Previously, you could only personalise page variations, branding sets, and components.)

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20: SET 10 for Salesforce CMS

  • New Image and Document Types: Manage your Salesforce CMS content more easily with new image and document content types.
  • Mass Import: Quickly import multiple content items, such as images, news, documents, or custom content types.
  • B2B Integration: use your CMS content in B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience.

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20: SET 11 for Customisation

  • Lightning Flow Enhancements: Build, configure, report on, and debug flows more easily with enhancements to Flow Builder and flow management.
  • Einstein Prediction Builder Improvements: Improve predictions and efficiently manage them in Einstein Prediction Builder.
  • Lightning App Builder Updates: Design and navigate your Lightning pages in new ways in the Lightning App Builder.

Are these just your ‘Highlights’ of the Salesforce release notes Summer 20!! Yes. Even though this is a long list, there are actually many more new release features that will become available.

Don’t be overwhelmed. There’s help.

Highlights Salesforce Release Notes Summer 20
CloudAnalysts Support for Embracing Salesforce Release Summer 20

Support for New Release Adoption

To Innovate and Improve Customer Engagement

A. Release Readiness Live

Starting this Friday, June 5, and all of next week Release Readiness Live will be broadcast – talk shows whereby Salesforce Product managers share the vision behind the new developments.

B. Release Preparation & Support

It’s best to address new releases ahead of time and plan for the future. Dedicate some time to further research changes of interest to be well-informed when deciding which to put on your organisation’s Salesforce roadmap.

We would be happy to discuss the upcoming changes with you in a free online consultation. After a quick org review, we can also help you plan for and configure your Salesforce org to take advantage of new tools and innovation embedded in the platform.

We are there to help you make sense of these development and to pivot your existing roadmap to embrace what’s novel and beneficial for your company’s ROI and your Customer Service, Engagement and Satisfaction.

With our 15 years of experience with Salesforce, we are particularly poise to advice you on how to take advantage of these new features. Ask us how we can help you.

Update: Pardot is renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as of April 5, 2022.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.