Architect and Developer Skillsets Needed for Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Apr 28, 2017

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“Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Developers and Architects” is a video by CloudAnalysts MD Jimson Lee, featured here today.

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First, I want to thank Anup Jadhav for inviting me to speak at the London Salesforce Developer  meet-up.  This London User Group was one of the first meet-ups organised, and has well over 1500 members [EDIT: March 2017 has now surpassed 2000 members!]

The key topic was, what is the role for a Developer or Technical Consultant for a Salesforce Marketing Cloud project?

What do you need to know?

In all the years (decades?) I’ve implemented Marketing Automation solutions, it all comes down to 2 things: Data & Lists.

So in this presentation, I discuss:

  • Roles with “Developer” Skills (see picture below)
  • Getting Data In
  • Getting Data Out (for lists and sending)
  • Implementation & Deployment considerations
  • Single Customer View

Send me an email of you have any questions!

In this talk, Jimson explains the 6 different programming languages needed to take Salesforce Marketing Cloud to the next level of marketing greatness.


That concludes this talk “Implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud for Developers” for the London Salesforce Developers User Group. They have since told us that this video by far out performs all their other videos.


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