Introduction to Salesforce Blockchain (video)

Jun 13, 2019

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TrailheaDX. The Annual Salesforce Developers Conference. San Francisco. 2019. For developers who relish the latest Salesforce product innovations. What better place for the first introduction of Salesforce Blockchain there?

Salesforce commenced its journey to leverage Blockchain to extend its customer success platform.

Introduction to Salesforce Blockchain

“How does Salesforce Blockchain work and what are the benefits for your organization?”

It’s early beginnings to detail all that. Let’s start with the vision that Salesforce has for BlockChain with this BlockChain announcement video.

And before we do so, let me give you a simple definition of BlockChain, so it’s easy to follow along.

Definition of BlockChain – Explained in Simple Words

BlockChain is a growing list of records, called “blocks”, which are “chained” together using protective cryptographic codes. These codes ensures that only those, for whom the communication or information is intended, can read and process it. Each block has the code of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. This makes a blockchain – by design – uniquely resistant to modification of the data. This is what makes it secure. — CloudAnalysts

Introduction to Salesforce Blockchain – Video

The “Introduction of Salesforce Blockchain” video segment starts at the 3:22:11- mark.

What does Salesforce Blockchain mean for Admins

Salesforce managed to translate the concepts of Salesforce Blockchain into simple language:

What is Blockchain?

“Blockchain is a new kind of a database that tracks data in a way that is secure, transparent, and traceable. With Blockchain, data is shared with a network of partners, each with a copy of the database. The partners work together to transparently define the rules of the network—things like what constitutes an official change to the data and what the role of each partner on the network is.” (Salesforce)

In sum, Salesforce Blockchain enables you to create, secure, and share data from applications across partner networks. And as such, lowers the barrier for creating trusted partner networks.

How Admins can use Salesforce Blockchain

Salesforce Blockchain is powered by Lightnings. This means it’s low-code, and Admins can create their own trusted apps and networks, using point-and-click tools.

Salesforce Blockchain Use Cases

Salesforce Blockchain can be used in an unlimited number of ways, but here are some examples of potential Use Cases of Salesforce Blockchain with genuine business benefits:

  • Buying a house: Blockchain can help simplify the document transfers between the appraiser, inspector, real estate agents, title company, bank, county, buyer, and seller.
  • Filing a car insurance claim: Blockchain can help the flow of communications between your insurance company, the other driver’s insurance company, claim’s adjuster, auto body shop, and tow shop.
  • Transferring colleges: Blockchain can authenticate course and academic transcripts from high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities making the transfer process for students and schools alike much easier.”

What could Salesforce Blockchain do for you?

Here is McKinsey’s vision of the Blockchain feasibility by industry. Of course, Salesforce Blockchain gives its own unique spin on things.

Industry Blockchain Feasibility assessment and ranking by McKinsey

The main thing is to start thinking about the potential for your business. We would love to discuss the potential of Salesforce Blockchain with you.


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