Marketing Automation Model

Feb 13, 2024

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Announcing the CloudAnalysts Marketing Automation Model | We often use our Marketing Automation Model to structure to consulting engagements. It is useful for marketing automation planning, Pardot platform configuration setup and email marketing training.

As a holistic model, it is customer-centric and gives regards to the notion that email automation is just one of several dimensions of digital marketing.

Customers are placed in the context of their communities and social networks. This way a realistic perspective is gained that is useful for reaching customers in the first 60% of their buying journey, i.e. that time before they contact a sales department.

Why need a marketing automation model?

Are you taking all the right steps ? How do you know. By working with the CloudAnalysts marketing automation model, you will know the completeness of your campaign or marketing exercise and will be able to quickly fill in the gaps if there are any that need filling right now.

Marketing Automation Model by
Stages in our Marketing Automation Model

Our marketing automation model stages

Our first step is planning. If you play chess, you know how important it is to think ahead of your opponent’s next move. Anticipating that, it’s key to make a solid move forward that strengthens your position strategically. That’s why we picked the ‘tower’-symbol for our first step of planning.

In marketing automation terms, planning means specifying your strategic goals and objectives, with a breakdown of more specific marketing targets for a shorter time frame. Be that ROI or conversion rates, explicit statements of reaching a target are measurable. Idealistic statements can never be met…. So, putting a stake in the ground and kick off with measurable objectives, to be revised when more insights is obtained.

Then we move towards creating the content and nurture programs that will help customers from the top of the buying funnel towards the bottom, when they are ready for the sales team.

Tools like Pardot* allow us to measure every step of our success and to optimise the performance in the process. This then brings us back to the ‘tower’ where we can revise and expand our initial plan for greater success over time.


mktg-automation-thumbnailThe marketing automation model and our consulting engagements

We find that while this model suits every client engagement, the aspects we elaborate on differ by client. This reflects their unique issues and challenges. We tailored our consulting engagement to individual client needs.

We would be happy to discuss marketing automation in the context of your business’ situation.

*Update: Pardot was renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as of April 5, 2022. We use both names on this blog.

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