New Marketing Cloud Release is Now Live!

Aug 28, 2019

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The new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release offers a host of features. And with it, Salesforce is materialising its vision as #1 platform to unify and manage customer data; personalise content and offers with AI; engage across every channel and measure results.

Listen to today’s webinar with the Feature Overview of the new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release. It is airing at 05:00 PM BST. Salesforce experts will talk about new product updates, offering insights on how best to use new features. The talk will cover:  Email Studio, Mobile Studio, Google Analytics 360, Journey Builder, Social Studio, Audience Studio and more. (Webinar registration link below). I’m sure the talk is recorded, so if you are reading this later, just follow that link below).

Today’s new Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release offers a new release of features to materialise its vision of Marketing Cloud as the #1 platform to unify and manage customer data, personalise content and offers with A.I., engage across every channel and measure results.  Salesforce Marketing Cloud issues a new release of improvements and innovations about every other month.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release
New Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release


6 Top Features

1. Datorama Connector for Marketing Cloud Email & Mobile

Salesforce introduces what it calls the most robust out-of-the-box API connector to Marketing Cloud available: The Datorama Connector. For Email and Mobile email and mobile data; “to help marketers seamlessly integrate their Email Studio data into Datorama and discover automated insights instantly with a pre-packaged, interactive dashboard”. — For the data-driven marketeer.

As Marketing Cloud consultants who are come across challenging data integration requirements all the time, we are rather excited about Datorama.


2. Einstein Next-Best-Action Connector for Interaction Studio

It’s also no surprise that we love everything Einstein. Now, the Einstein Next Best Action Connector for Interaction Studio allows real-time consumer data signals to be surfaced as recommendations in Einstein Next Best Action—for Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, or Financial Services Cloud.

You will be able to send each recommendation response to Interaction Studio to orchestrate and influence the next best experience across channels and devices. — For the sophisticated marketeer.


3. Social Review Management – Integration with Google My Business Reviews

Manage your brand’s social media reputation and respond to reviews where it matters most in search results. Then, get a bird’s eye view with insights into Google My Business Reviews across distributed locations from an analysis dashboard. — For Social – Savvy Marketeers.


4. Shared Journey Templates

This next Marketing Cloud Release feature allows marketers to efficiently create and share their Journey Builder use cases across geographies and brands. It’s as easy as saving a template.

The new ‘sharing journey templates’-feature enables users to efficiently create new journeys based on a pre-defined template, and share that template across business units. — For synergy-savvy Marketeers.


5. Datorama Marketplace

Just like Salesforce has an AppExchange, so does Datorama. Its ecosystem extends the power of its marketing intelligence capabilities. It enables marketers to connect, unify, analyse, and act on all marketing data via pre-packaged app solutions.

Plus, the Marketplace is open to developers to create custom apps that marketers can discover and use on the Datorama platform.

6. Distributed Marketing Quick Send for Email 

Enhancements to Distributed Marketing Quick Send now allow non-corporate marketers to easily send 1 message to many recipients. All they need is their standard Sales or Service Cloud login. They don’t need to log into Journey Builder as well.  — A little magic, for the Salesforce Core-loving marketeer.

More info

Enjoy the videos. Read the Full Release Notes. Or better still, contact us to discuss your requirements. We’ll be more than happy to discuss how Marketing Cloud can help you.

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