Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT: generative AI lifts campaigns & shopping

Nov 14, 2023

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And here it is: Salesforce just announced superior ways to personalise every campaign and shopping experience with Generative AI. Two groundbreaking products: Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT.

arketing GPT - Commerce CGT - Salesforce new AI solutions for superior campaign results and shopping experiences

These innovative solutions combine generative AI with real-time data from Salesforce Data Cloud for Marketing. They enable companies to revolutionise their customer connections.

What is GPT?

We thought you’d never ask. We hear the acronym all the time, but who knew that GPT stands for generative pre-trained transformer. It’s an AI tool that has been trained to write like humans. This ability to write coherent text fit into a broader AI category known as generative AI. Now armed with this insights, let’s move on.

Marketing GPT empowers marketers to automate personalised emails, create smarter audience segments, and design effective marketing journeys.

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Marketing GPT

Commerce GPT

Commerce GPT allows brands to deliver tailored shopping experiences. It also lets marketers create customised offers that adapt to customers’ needs, leveraging GPT-powered dynamic buying journeys.

Benefits of Generative AI – the facts

The significance of generative AI in enhancing business productivity and efficiency is evident.


A survey revealed that 60% of marketers believe that generative AI will transform their role.

71% expect it to enable them to focus on more strategic work.

However, marketers’ top concern is accuracy and quality. 63% state that trusted customer data is crucial for the success of generative AI.

MarketingGPT CommerceGPT GenerativeAi Salesforce

Image source: Salesforce

What this can do for Marketers

A lot.

Salesforce’s Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, in combination with Data Cloud, offer a wide range of capabilities to marketers and brands.

  1. Segment Creation: Marketers can quickly create audience segments and improve targeting. They do so by using natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations based on trusted data from Data Cloud.
  2. Email Content Creation: This feature automatically generates personalized emails, enhancing testing and engagement for marketers, while reducing their writing workload.
  3. Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud: By connecting first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data, this comprehensive view of audience engagement is bound to improve ROI.
  4. Rapid Identity Resolution, Segmentation, and Engagement: This automated feature resolves customer identities. It also refreshes segments in Data Cloud. And so, it ensures up-to-date accuracy, enabling brands to deliver the right message at the right time.
  5. Typeface Integration: Leveraging generative AI content platform Typeface, Marketing GPT allows the creation of contextual visual assets. You can use these for multi-channel campaigns, aligning with specific brand voice, style guides, and messaging.
Data Cloud Data Streams

Commerce GPT – personalised commerce experience

With Commerce GPT and Data Cloud, brands can deliver personalised commerce experiences throughout the buyer’s journey:

  1. Goals-Based Commerce: This cutting-edge tool enables businesses to set targets and goals. It provides actionable insights and proactive recommendations powered by Data Cloud, Einstein AI, and Flow. It optimises growth and conversion strategies, helping achieve desired outcomes such as improving margins or increasing average order value.
  2. Dynamic Product Descriptions: By automatically filling in missing catalog data, Commerce GPT enhances the customer experience with personalised product descriptions tailored to each buyer.
  3. Commerce Concierge: This feature facilitates personalised and engaging conversations. It allows shoppers to effortlessly discover products through natural language interactions across various channels, including digital storefronts and messaging apps.

Salesforce eco-system races alongside with it

Salesforce partners, including DEPT®, Media.Monks, NeuraFlash, and Slalom, are actively building a generative AI ecosystem, providing accelerators, large language and data models, and integrations to help businesses implement Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT with reduced cost and complexity.

Salesforce’s commitment to personalisation and efficiency is reflected in their introduction of Commerce Concierge, Segment Creation, Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud, Dynamic Product Descriptions, and Goals-Based Commerce.

Best together

Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, fuelled by trusted and harmonised first-party data, will revolutionise how businesses interact with customers while dramatically improving employee productivity. Marketers can now leverage Salesforce’s trusted AI, data, and CRM innovations to deliver personalised customer engagement and strengthen customer loyalty.

Feature rollout schedule

The new capabilities of Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT will roll out at different times, with availability as follows:

Be in pilot later this summer.

GA: October 2023

Segment Creation: It enables marketers to create audience segments quickly and improve targeting using natural language prompts and AI-driven recommendations based on trusted data from Data Cloud.

Be in pilot in October 2023.

GA: February 2024

Email Content Creation: It automates the generation of personalised emails, enhancing testing and engagement for marketers while reducing their writing workload.

Identity Resolution GA: October 2023

Segmentation: later this summer

Rapid Identity Resolution and Segmentation: These features automatically resolve customer identities and refresh segments in Data Cloud, ensuring up-to-date accuracy and enabling brands to deliver timely and targeted messages.

GA: October 2023

Segment Intelligence for Data Cloud: It automatically connects first-party data, revenue data, and third-party paid media data from Meta and Google ads, providing a comprehensive view of audience engagement and improving marketing ROI.

GA: July 2023

Dynamic Product Descriptions: It automatically fills in missing catalog data for merchants, revolutionising the customer experience with product descriptions tailored to each buyer.

PIlot: October 2023, GA: February 2024

Commerce Concierge: It allows brands to initiate AI-generated conversations with customers on any channel, from digital storefronts to messaging apps, to assist them in finding the right products or services.

Already Available

Data Cloud for Commerce: provide brands with the power of unified real-time data to personalise commerce experiences.

Summing it all up

There is lots to look forward to and with excitement.

With Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT, powered by generative AI and trusted first-party data, businesses can elevate their customer interactions, enhance personalisation, and drive employee productivity. Salesforce continues to lead the way in combining AI, data, and CRM to deliver exceptional customer engagement and strengthen loyalty.

Stay tuned

To learn more about the new data and AI capabilities of Marketing GPT, follows our blog for updates or contact us to become an early adoption. Plus, there is no doubt that there will be talk about these new products on London World Tour in a couple of weeks. We will keep you posted with more info!

Contact us if you want to chat about it now:

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