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Email Marketing for eCommerce, with

Email Marketing for eCommerce: how to maximise impact

Email Marketing for eCommerce | Email remains the marketing powerhouse for driving sales, engaging customers, and building brand loyalty. Online sales are now 20% of global retail. So, thinking ahead of the holiday season this year... let's look at email marketing for...
4 easy steps to align sales - marketing

4 Easy steps to align sales with marketing to boost revenue

This article on the 4 easy steps to align Sales and Marketing addresses an important issue. If you see a tug of war between the Sales vs Marketing teams in your organisation, know that you are not alone! In fact, it's all too common: as much as  53% of sales...
Salesforce marketing cloud pricing

What is Agile meaning for marketing?

The world of digital marketing is changing so fast. From Google updates, to new social platforms, to bots, Artificial Intelligence and IoT. Traditional marketing is not set up for fast responsiveness to change. Nor structured around customers.   What about your...
Salesforce-Pardot connected campaigns

Pardot connected campaigns for Salesforce marketing attribution

Pardot Connected Campaigns enable most-valuable insights for Pardot marketers: in - Salesforce marketing attribution. That means that they get: The ability to get a more complete marketing attribution on a campaign level as well as get insights on the campaign...