Articles for Leaders in Pardot Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

4 easy steps to align sales - marketing

4 Easy steps to align sales with marketing to boost revenue

This article on the 4 easy steps to align Sales and Marketing addresses an important issue. If you see a tug of war between the Sales vs Marketing teams in your organisation, know that you are not alone! In fact, it's all too common: as much as  53% of sales...
Salesforce-Pardot connected campaigns

Pardot connected campaigns for Salesforce marketing attribution

Pardot Connected Campaigns enable most-valuable insights for Pardot marketers: in - Salesforce marketing attribution. That means that they get: The ability to get a more complete marketing attribution on a campaign level as well as get insights on the campaign...
CTA Meaning | Marketing call to action examples: irresistible that convert

Pardot Forms vs Form Handlers: Understanding the Benefits

Pardot Forms vs Form Handlers? | Many times that we've implemented Pardot solutions, clients have asked us the same question: what are the benefits of Pardot forms vs form handers? I recommend the use of Pardot forms. Let me explain why in a bit of depth here. I hope...
Salesforce marketing cloud pricing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing – How to get most value

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful platform that offers various tools to enhance your marketing efforts. However, understanding its pricing can be a bit challenging due to its complexity and the various factors that influence the cost. In this article we will...