Articles for Leaders in Pardot Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Customer Journey Stages

Optimise customer journey stages with tailored lead nurturing

Tailor your Lead Nurturing Across Customer Journey Stages to Optimise your Marketing Automation results

Benefits of the Pardot Lightning App

Benefits of Pardot Lightning App

Besides the new single login for both Salesforce and Pardot aka Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, we have a growing list of benefits of the Pardot Lightning App that we want you to take advantage of today. Growing list of benefits of the Pardot lightning app Let's...
Best ChatGPT Prompts for marketing and business success

ChatGPT Prompts for marketing & business success

In the crazy-rapidly-evolving landscape of business and marketing, exploiting the power of artificial intelligence has become a game-changer, even a 'must-have. ChatGPT, the advanced language model, has taken the world by storm. As you probably already know, this...
Salesforce new release notes Winter 24 Pardot Account Engagement

What wows us for Pardot Account Engagement Winter 24: New timing!

The best news from Salesforce New Release Notes Winter 24 for Account Engagement (Pardot).

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