Articles for Leaders in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Engagement

FormAssembly and Salesforce Marketing Cloud discussed

Is FormAssembly and Salesforce Marketing Cloud a good combination?

FormAssembly-Salesforce SFMC: integrates directly into the Marketing Cloud – in several ways. Learn more.

AI, Chat GPT, Salesforce Einstein prompt studio

Chat GPT4: how marketers should put it to work!

Seen my Linkedin Post on Chat GPT4 on May 14: a new version, GPT-4o, is a new level of a integrated learning model that reasons across text, vision and audio, rather than 3 that come together.* So, it's faster and gives better results. And it's free. Now what?...
Best Practices Email Preferences Centre by CloudAnalysts

Email marketing – Best practices for your preference center

To meet the increasing concerns about privacy and user preferences, marketers must adopt best practices that respect subscribers' data and choices. One essential tool in achieving this is a well-designed email marketing preference center. Let me show you how to...
Marketing Cloud Contact Delete

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Contact Delete Best Practices & Tips

Pretty much all our marketing cloud conversations this week were about 'data'. Therefore we thought it timely to provide some Marketing Cloud Contact Delete Best Practices. We've added some related data tips as well. Marketing Cloud Contact Delete: it's permanent! The...

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