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Email Marketing for eCommerce, with

Email Marketing for eCommerce: how to maximise impact

Email Marketing for eCommerce | Email remains the marketing powerhouse for driving sales, engaging customers, and building brand loyalty. Online sales are now 20% of global retail. So, thinking ahead of the holiday season this year... let's look at email marketing for...
salesforce customer experience management - making everyone a fan

Customer Experience Management: Create Fans with Salesforce

Exceptional customer experience management has become essential for success. Learn how to achieve this with Salesforce and CloudAnalysts.

salesforce customer experience management - making everyone a fan

How Customer Experience Management can be strategically important

At CloudAnalysts, we recognised over a decade ago that customer experience management would become a strategic and important business concept and we've built up our muscle in this field. Today providing an exceptional customer experience has become essential for...
Salesforce marketing cloud pricing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Pricing – How to get most value

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a powerful platform that offers various tools to enhance your marketing efforts. However, understanding its pricing can be a bit challenging due to its complexity and the various factors that influence the cost. In this article we will...

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