Millennials Marketing – Email is best way to reach ‘m 📣

Nov 14, 2023

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“Email is the best way to reach Millennials” is the conclusion of a Harvard Business Review article on by Kristin Naragon from Adobe based on a study they did to clarify this important aspect of millennials marketing.

It featured some great stats*:
— 98% of Millennials check their personal email at least every few hours at work.
— 87% of Millennials check their work email outside of work.

— Millennials spend 6.4 hours a day checking email, finds MyEmma, one of the email platform providers we integrate with Salesforce, at times.

Millenials marketing - generational email marketing

— Email remain the channel where direct marketers get the highest ROI ($39 for every dollar spent **).

The Adobe research also explained that for Millennials: mobile-friendly is a must; right timing is key (45% of Millennials tend to check email in bed; use images as language. Millennials think/communicate in images) and fewer repeat emails are wanted.

Eh… who are the Millennials again?

In 2022, the Millennials age range is 26-41 years old. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦. Yes, if you’re over 41, you might think of them as that younger generation: kids and teenagers.

Facts of life today:

  • Today Millennials are the largest group of consumers.
  • And Millennials are a large and vital part of the workforce.

Millennials marketing – B2C

Because they are the largest group of consumers, even if your brand only does generic marketing, you should at least consider Millennials. And for consumer marketing, it makes sense to at least segment based on this – generational marketing 101.

(Note: Baby boomers -the generation before that – still holds the largest buying power.)

81% of Millennials shop online at least once a month.

Most millennials shop online and often, according to Invesp research. The survey also showed that millennials prefer it to in-store shopping and make over half of their purchases online.

It comes as no surprise then that marketers with Salesforce Marketing Cloud sent out almost 9 Billion emails on Black Friday alone***.

But email marketers should not focus on sending out deals to purchase alone. For best results, brands should build customer personas, design marketing journeys, and then within that context create engaging moments that matter using Salesforce Marketing Cloud, CDP and the services of CloudAnalysts.

How to use Millennials marketing concepts for B2B

When thinking of generational marketing, most people think of consumer marketing. However, Generational considerations comes to play in B2B marketing too! Just consider that fact that many/most of the employees of your target companies are likely to be Millennials.

Use generational marketing in the same way. You might not segment based on generations like you could for consumer marketing, you could build customer personas, design marketing journeys, and then within that context create engaging moments that matter using Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (i.e. Pardot) and the services of CloudAnalysts.

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