Pardot Release Notes Summer 2021

Apr 26, 2021

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Update Oct 23: these Pardot release notes summer 2021 are now superseded by this Salesforce Winter 23 Release Notes Best Free Features – article.

Previewing the Pardot Release Notes Summer 2021, we’re happy to announce that some very exciting new features are coming up. Check ‘m out!

The previews of the Pardot Release Notes Summer 2021 were released just a few days ago and we could not wait to get our hands on them to learn what’s new and coming! Now that Pardot more firmly is ‘within Salesforce’ all sorts of further integration with the Best of Salesforce CRM is possible. And it’s happening!

Pardot Release Notes Summer 2021

Object-Based Sync for Tableau

This Summer, you can look forward to four key new features for Pardot. I am MOST excited about the improved Pardot object sync. This summer it will be generally available. Object-based syncing typically allows for more sophisticated automations and used to require the top end of Pardot, i.e. a bit too expensive for some of our clients.

But how it is used here is slightly different: the purpose of this new Object Sync for Pardot is to optimise your dataset performance in Tableau CRM. (Learn more about Reporting with Tableau Software for Business Intelligence and Analytics ). Organisations can opt into the beta for Einstein Key Accounts Identification to give AI a shot for prioritising their account-based marketing efforts.

Pardot ABM Tools Are Here!

Beyond this, Pardot will be donned out with some other real account-based management tools this summer. We are very cheerful about this. About a year ago, CloudAnalysts became officially Salesforce ABM accredited. However, the technology had actually not yet caught up with concepts of Account-based Marketing — which is partly why we at CloudAnalysts haven’t yet heavily promoting it. Well, that’s all going to change this summer, and trust me, we’ll be on the forefront of using this for our clients (and ourselves as well?!)

So, what are these ABM Tools?

1) Einstein’s Account Identification.

This gives you the ability to qualify your best accounts with AI. Thanks to these models, you can tell which accounts have the highest likelihood of becoming your best customers.

For whom:  Salesforce Enterprise, Professional, and Unlimited editions with Pardot Advanced or Premium. In Lightning only.

How will it work? “When the model identifies correlations among your accounts and their predicted outcomes, they’re assigned a tier ranking (1). Einstein also tells you how likely it is for an account to have an opportunity created in the next six months (2). Key factors, such as the impact of industry or recent engagement (3), appear and evolve in the Einstein Scoring card as additional data becomes available.”

2) Einstein Send Time Optimisation

Pardot Release Notes Summer 2021 - Einstein Send Time Optimisation

This Pardot will be starting to leveraging Einstein also for better send time optimisation. You could previously achieve with Salesforce marketing cloud but not with Pardot. This is a great feature to boost engagement.

For more info re the prelease notes:

Benefit: “Send list emails to individual prospects at their preferred times. Einstein eliminates guesswork and elaborate segmentation with Einstein Send Time Optimization. Use Einstein’s machine learning skills to select the ideal send time for each email and prospect. Einstein Send Time Optimization is available for use with Pardot’s new email send experience only.”

Who gets it:  Pardot Advanced and Premium editions with Salesforce Enterprise, Performance, or Unlimited edition. In Lightning only.

How will this work: Enable Einstein Send Time Optimization in Marketing Setup. Then an AI ‘training’ period starts (about 72 hrs). After that, marketing users can pick the “Einstein Optimized” – sending option when they’re ready to send an email. See illustration above.

Pardot API Support

Pardot’s API hasn’t been its strongest feature traditionally, however that has certainly been changing in the last few releases. It’s a trend that’ll think will continue, given that with this summer release, Pardot will have made a concerted effort to make its API more accessible by improving its metadata and overhaul of the developers docs.

Pardot Ops Emails

Another feature of Pardot being brought in line with Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the way it will be distinguishing between marketing and operational emails. As many of our clients are using Pardot for ‘service delivery and ongoing client comms’ rather than ‘prospect nurturing’, this makes total sense. To make using that more user friendly for sales and service reps in Salesforce, there are some additional new Salesforce features to see and work with Pardot data in Salesforce. Most notably, an improved dynamic content list view and and a Pardot List Email Stats -table.

Other New Release Features

Every new Pardot release notes also come with a host of minor changes. This Pardot release notes summer 2021 is no different.

How and When Do Features for the Pardot Release Notes Summer 2021 become Available

The availability timeline always follows this pattern:

  • Some features in Summer ’21 affect all users immediately after the release goes live. So, share relevant upcoming upgrades & changes to users early, so they’re ready to take advantage of them when released.
  • Other features require direct action by an administrator before users can benefit from the new functionality.
  • Key dates (printable infographic by Salesforce).

Update: Pardot is renamed to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as of April 5, 2022.

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