Salesforce Pardot Case Study where Guinness World Records sets new records

May 24, 2017

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Salesforce Pardot Case Study where Guinness World Records sets new records.

Upgrading from email marketing program like MailChimp onto a professional B2B marketing automation platform like Pardot can bring significant benefits to a company’s sales turnover, sales management, digital marketing sophistication, and ultimately, the customer experience. This is once again proven by the Guinness World Records company (GWR, for short), based in London, UK.

guinness world records - case study

In yesterday’s London Pardot User Group meeting held at their offices, Mawa Rodriguez, Senior B2B Marketing Manager for GWR, shared her marketing automation team’s success story of Pardot adoption, which resulted into real, tangible benefits for her company, her team, and her customers.

A bit about Guinness World Records

We all know the Guinness World Records book, but the company does more than this. It actually partners with companies to identify brand-befitting new records, marking corporate celebrations, and / or invite user participation into the brand story.  By associating the company brands with the Guinness World of Records, they can become ‘officially amazing’.  To reach prospects and convert them in to clients, GWR needs to communicate with lots of brands, around the world.

Sounds good. But their marketing automation story started off as a challenge all by itself.  GWR had renewed its website in early 2015. It resulted into a 50% increase of ‘leads’. Rather than a celebration, it was an ‘icky’ situation of having ‘too many leads’, many of which were low quality. Think: website enquiries instead of sales-qualified leads.

To remedy the situation, GWR looked to leverage Pardot’s extensive digital marketing capabilities, and went to work. These are some of the benefits they realised:

  • 20% load reduction of Sales Reps, by being able to better filter out unqualified leads.
  • 15-20% increased deal value thanks to the more consultative selling approach made possible by Pardot.
  • Improved conversion rate from 5% to 18%.
  • Clear insights into the sales pipeline, for sales forecasting & ops management.
  • Better understanding of their target markets and the development of Lead Grading.
  • By studying prospect responses and an augmented interactivity, building a better understanding of customer needs.
  • More focused efforts of the marketing team thanks to more and better data.
  • An emerging process of marketing asset optimisation with A/B testing and acted upon learning.

Overall, these are great results and showcase how using Pardot allowed GWR to become superior marketers and gain sales.

While the team seems to still have plenty of new Pardot / digital marketing ideas & challenges they want to tackle, they deserve a congratulation for an overall successful Pardot implementation.


This was one of three talks at the Pardot Usergroup London event. The other two presentations were on:

  • How to send SMS messages with Pardot, and Salesforce.
  • Pardot Reporting, show me the ways.

More about these topics later.

Some Fun Facts

The Pardot London Usergroup is now 1 year old!

Yesterday’s meeting was the 1st anniversary of the London Pardot Usergroup.  Congrads to all, and a special thanks to Ricky Wheeler, Jess Pyne and Mawa Rodrigez for holding that first, inaugural meeting.

Thanks again to Jess and Burak for organising the event!

Racing and Record Making at Guinness World Records

Salesforce Pardot London - Guinness world record
Robin Barnwell, top of the leaderboard

It would not be the home of the Guinness World Records, if we weren’t actually trying to set a new record. Congrads to Robin Barnwell for setting the best time marker track-racing at 14.06 sec on the day. The current world record is about 9 sec.

Advanced Salesforce Phone Integration made easy, unlocking Personalisation & Superior Sales Performance

The next Salesforce meetup we’re involved with as CloudAnalysts, will be here in Brighton, on June 13, 6-8 pm at Brandwatch.  The first talk on Salesforce and telephone will be held by none less than Ian Moyse, from Natterbox.

Ian is the world’s #1 Social Influencer on SAAS and Cloud. He will hold a great talk about personalisation, the phone and Salesforce, and give a live demo of an advanced phone integration with Salesforce that will delight everyone there.

Ian’s also been awarded the #1 sales director in the UK, and this demo is the one won the #1 place in the DemoJam on the Salesforce World tour London last week.  In short, it’s worth it to take the train to Brighton, just to see Ian alone, let alone meet other Admins and managers using Salesforce.

Natterbox AVS (Advanced Voice Services) is the only end-to-end telephony system available 100% Inside Salesforce. This removes the complexity and challenges of managing a traditional PBX. And it puts the power in the hands of Salesforce Admins.

Natterbox enables you to utilise your Salesforce data (including custom objects) in real time to personalise the customers telephone experience, includes over 120+ native Salesforce reports, utilises Process builder to allow you to build call routing inside Salesforce and includes a web phone inside Salesforce.

The second talk will be by Martin Woolley, on the same topic, but with a different take on it. Martin is CEO of a phone system integration consultancy, TrackEleven, offering simple phone solutions with Salesforce that is suitable for smaller business.

Register today for this upcoming event, at our Brighton Salesforce User Group -page. See you all there!


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