Personalised birthday email campaigns get all to celebrate

Feb 9, 2024

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Including your AE’s and Sales Manager. | Birthdays and anniversaries are more than just calendar dates; they’re opportunities for businesses to foster meaningful connections with their customers. This article relates to our tip of the week #14 in our Marketing Automation Tips-series on Linkedin: It is to send personalised birthday email campaigns as well as anniversary notes to customers. It’s a strategy that not only delights customers, but also drives impressive results. Obviously this marketing automation strategy will play out quite differently in B2B and B2C markets, and this article will explain the concepts in both contexts.

Why Personalised Birthday and Anniversary Emails Matter

When I first learned that Salesforce marketing cloud came with a birthday campaign out of the box, I thought it was kind of cheesy. But, now, having worked in the field of marketing automation for well over a decade, it makes a lot of sense to me! So, before I delve into the “how“, let me talk for a minute about the “why” behind sending personalised birthday and anniversary emails, so we’re levelling here as to why it’s important in the first place.

Birthdays and anniversaries are special occasions which hold a unique place in customers’ hearts. That makes them the perfect touch points for building loyalty and boosting engagement. So, think:

Personalised birthday email campaigns
  1. Emotional Connection: When a business remembers and celebrates a customer’s special day, it creates a powerful emotional connection. This sentiment can translate into increased loyalty and trust.
  2. Increased Open Rates: Birthday and anniversary emails have significantly higher open rates compared to standard promotional emails. The facts are:
    • Birthday emails have 179% higher unique click rates than promotional emails; and
    • Birthday emails can lift conversion rates by 60% over non-birthday email campaigns. (source: FulcrumTech).
  3. Boosted Sales: These emails aren’t just about warm wishes; they’re also effective sales drivers. The study by Experian also found that:
    • Birthday emails generate 342% higher revenue per email than promotional emails.
    • Birthday emails generated 481% higher transaction rates than promotional emails.
    • Whaow!

These amazing benefits of personalised birthday email campaigns are the ones that you and your business deserve, and in today’s economic climate, possibly really need!!

So, now let’s look at how to realise the potential of personalised birthday and anniversary emails effectively.

Tips for Implementing Personalised Birthday Email Campaigns

(* … or anniversaries)

1. Capture Customer Data

Start by collecting birthdates and anniversary dates during the onboarding process or through customer profiles. Ensure data accuracy to avoid sending emails on the wrong dates.

2. Create Engaging Content

Craft personalised messages that go beyond a simple “Happy Birthday.” Tailor your content to reflect your brand’s voice and values. Consider offering a special discount, gift, or exclusive access to make the email even more appealing.

3. Timing is Key

Schedule emails to arrive on the actual day of the customer’s birthday or anniversary. Timely delivery adds an extra layer of thoughtfulness to your message.

4. Test and Optimise

Continuously monitor the performance of your birthday and anniversary email campaigns. Experiment with subject lines, content, and incentives to identify what resonates most with your audience.

5. Segment Your Audience

Not all customers will have the same preferences or purchasing behaviours. Segment your audience based on factors like past purchases, demographics, or engagement history to ensure your emails are highly relevant.

6. Compliance and Permissions

Always ensure you have the necessary permissions to send these emails and comply with data protection regulations like GDPR.


Send  personalised birthday email campaigns - Marketing Automation Tip 14

Personalised birthday and anniversary emails are more than just a pleasant gesture; they’re a savvy marketing strategy. By acknowledging these special occasions in your customers’ lives, you not only strengthen your relationship but also drive remarkable results. The statistics speak for themselves: higher open rates, increased conversions, and boosted sales.

Incorporate this tip into your marketing automation arsenal, and watch your customer loyalty and engagement soar. You can of course use this tip with Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud Engagement for B2C and/or Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (aka Pardot). Interested to learn more how you can incorporate this into your marketing mix?

Birthdays and anniversaries will become more than just dates on a calendar;

They’ll become opportunities to make every day special for your customers.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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