Visualise Large Data with Tableau for Better BI – Case Study Brandwatch

Nov 25, 2014

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Visualise Large Data with Tableau for Better BI
Dr James McMichen

I really love reporting with Tableau software. (This is not a paid endorsement!) The main reason is Tableau doesn’t move your data. Tableau software resolves its queries on the database itself and only displays the graph or chart. The data stays securely in your existing database.

It also stops the “email hell”… No more excel spreadsheets being emailed around with different versions. No more need to email PDFs of reports. Tableau queries don’t bring data back across the network.

Reporting with Tableau Software for Business Intelligence and Analytics

This talk was presented at the November Brighton Salesforce User Group.  Dr James McMichen, a Business Intelligence Analyst at Brandwatch, shows the four key benefits of reporting with Tableau:

  • It’s easy to use thanks to an intuitive drag-&-drop interface that does not require programming!
  • It can handle big data as well as any data, from spreadsheets to databases to cloud based sources.
  • It’s really fast and sharable.  You can publish your dashboard in just a few clicks, and you can share it live.
  • Tableau also gives you 10-100x faster analytics: connect and visualise your data in minutes.

>> Click here for past meetup videos

For those of you who are really keen on learning all there is about Tableau and Salesforce, here’s a more recent video on the topic, with much the same metholology.

Embedding Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce

If you would like any help in embedding Tableau Dashboards in Salesforce, feel free to reach out to us.

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