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Tableau software

Tableau software with Salesforce Data Cloud for cost-effective insights

Further to the Top takeaways Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 announcements, Salesforce clients now need to understand what Tableau software is, how to use it and what parts of it are now offered free for use with Salesforce Data Cloud. Tableau software has emerged as a...
marketing-GPT, Commerce GPT, Salesforce

Marketing GPT, Commerce GPT: generative AI lifts campaigns & shopping

And here it is: Salesforce just announced superior ways to personalise every campaign and shopping experience with Generative AI. Two groundbreaking products: Marketing GPT and Commerce GPT. These innovative solutions combine generative AI with real-time data from...
Salesforce prompt studio

What is Salesforce Prompt Studio: Tips for AI Success

In this article, we'll explore how to use Salesforce Prompt Studio effectively and provide valuable tips for success. Dreamforce 23 last week was all about Salesforce continued commitment to innovation by integrating Generative AI into its platform, named Salesforce...

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