CRM case study: Boost luxury hotel sales with Salesforce

Nov 13, 2018

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CRM Case Study – Luxury hospitality Salesforce sales cloud with pardot marketing automation – solution to  challenges in building & managing the sales pipeline and guest communication.

Sales Cloud
Salesforce Integration
with LiveAgent & SMS
Pardot Marketing Automation


One of our consultants worked with a UK-based niche player in the top-end luxury hospitality market.

Its wealth of properties encompasses a  unique collection of exclusive holiday homes, all in lovely locations across the UK.

The beauty of the properties were matched by the client’s commitment to offer unparalleled bespoke service to help guests plan and enjoy their stay.

Salesforce Sales cloud hospitality solution

CRM case study – hotel sales challenges

Its properties befit a clientele with a certain affluence and appreciation for the finer things in life.

But, defining, targeting and reaching this clientele was a challenge.

The brief

The client asked our consultant to design and configure a sophisticated Salesforce solution with Pardot:

  • To help  Build the Sales Pipeline
  • To set the Sales team up for Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • To enable Guests’ Omni-channel Communication
  • To Catapult Sales.

CRM case study: Boost luxury hotel sales with Salesforce


4 Highlights

1. Build a pipeline

From demand gen to new leads sales conversion with promotional campaigns:

LEAD GEN: Gather & approach new leads with Salesforce-embedded dramatically increased lead generation.

SEGMENTATION: Pardot automation rules put prospects onto location-based marketing campaigns based. Then, Salesforce further segments customers based on paying capacity, to pursue segment-specific lead processes (based on record type).



NEW LEADS SALES CONVERSION: with automated email to leads with attractive offers based on various criteria, e.g. events like company foundation, birthdays and anniversaries.

salesforce-sales-cloud-sales-team-enablement -

2.   Build sales team efficiency


CREATE VIEWS: of leads by region

AUTO-ASSIGN LEADS: to Queues or Individuals based on location

AUTO-ASSIGN CONVERSION TASKS: to sales reps by region, or by lead/account basis.

3. Reporting

To equip leaders with reporting they required:


Reports and clear list views of campaign ROIs and conversion rates were developed

Actionable insights

were generated as to what drove sales increases by region and nationally.

CRM case study - Salesforce 
 sales cloud luxury hospitality case study

4. Improved loyalty & sales

Personalised suggestions

Strengthen customer loyalty and repeat sales through tailored  marketing with suited promotional offers based on their profile and prior bookings.

Seasonal campaigns

  • New Salesforce campaigns (w email, social media, newspaper), targeting leads and existing customers especially around festivals and holidays ensured maximum conversion.



This client was ‘in love’ with communicating real time with leads and guests.

Their enthusiasm shone, and with improved sales focus, marketing tools plus insightful reporting the results were amazing

In less than one year
from implementing Salesforce,
their sales nearly doubled.

CRM case study- Registered Salesforce Service Cloud Implementation Consultants - Client Case Study

We hope you’re inspired by this CRM case study.

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