Salesforce Chatter as Social Intranet

Jul 25, 2014

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Topic of the day: Salesforce Chatter. What is it? Short and sweet: Chatter is a business internal collaboration tool. It is embedded into the fundaments of your Salesforce customer-relationship management platform (CRM). 

Salesforce offers you 500 free Chatter licenses with any new CRM purchase. So, in many cases: everyone in your company can use it without cost!

10/10. Chatter is highly effective for corporate use.  You can use it for internal communication for business conduct such as for collaborative sales or case handling. Or to manage particular teams or projects.

As you can follow anyone and anything, the Chatter functionality allow you to stay abreast of what is going on in your company, up to the minute. 

Every day you can get an update in your inbox of all that you follow in Chatter. Pretty nifty way to stay on top of things.

But it’s also fun to use.  Chatter even has emojis. It has the same navigation as Facebook and Linkedin. This makes it extremely easy for your workforce to adopt Chatter.  — All this makes intuitive for folks to use.

Salesforce Chatter as Social Intranet

As a social intranet, Chatter is a great way to showcase employee achievements, to rev up folks to hand the survey forms in for an upcoming party, to celebrate employee statuses and socials, or even just merely as an employee directory.

Like in Facebook and LinkedIn, users can manage their feeds themselves in Chatter and control how (many) notifications are received.

The Struggles of the Social Intranet

I held a presentation about the ins and outs of Chatter at the Brighton User Group in July 2014 at Brandwatch.

I was asked to present a short talk (i.e. 10 minutes) on “The Struggles of social intranet”.

My last company struggled with 4 different channels:

  • SF Chatter.
  • Google+.
  • Google Groups for Business (a.k.a. forum/mailing list style).
  • Wiki Page using Google Sites.
Jimson Lee presenting Chatter as Social Intranet

I just joined Tquila. And, in the video, it’s pretty obvious or convincing how Chatter was excellent, for its ease of use, simplicity, and adoption for a Social Intranet.

Why Salesforce Chatter is a Great Social Intranet – video

Enjoy our short 9 minute video recording:

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