Intelligent Marketing, the Future of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Nov 22, 2018

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Major development announced that forge more intelligent marketing

A. In the Dreamforce keynote a year ago, Salesforce announced that Google & Salesforce will start to work better together. Specifically, the paid-version of Google Analytics 360 Platform will integrate with Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Plus, Gmail and Salesforce will be more tightly integrated. These are major development as CRM and email integration are paramount for sales agent workflow and email success. Analytics are a slice of heaven for the measuring marketeer, and of course, a bit enabler of intelligent marketing.
Today, in 2019, this development is WELL on its way. Review our videos of what will be next in 2019 and beyond (

B. In its B2C marketing keynote “Trailblazing in the Age of Intelligent Marketing” at Dreamforce, Salesforce revealed how new capabilities of its Marketing Cloud platform enable your marketing to take on a new level of sophistication to eclipse everything you’ve ever done before.

Artificial intelligence will become so integral to Marketing, that we’ll start naming them in the same breath… intelligent marketing.

To underpin and enable your marketing transformation, Salesforce announced 12 major new platform features, developments and strategic partnerships for 2018. Building upon our foundation article What does Salesforce Marketing Cloud do, here’s what new and improved as announced at Dreamforce 2017:



1. In Email Studio, AI-enabled Einstein Engagement Scoring now offers marketers can insights into customer actions; monitor the health of their customer base; creates recommended audiences to target; and use predicted scores to segment and personalise messages, channels, and content.

2. In Email Studio, email templates are made up of blocks, for images, text, dynamic content, etc. At Dreamforce, Salesforce introduced the Carousel Content Block – a new block format that allows you to rotate five images in a subscriber’s inbox. Like other blocks, they are easy create with simple drag-and-drop. Available immediately.



3. Distributed Marketing is a new Marketing Cloud solution for B2B2C organisations that sell through partners, owners, agents, or dealers. It allows them to create a unified experience across every customer touchpoint. This easy-to-use tool for distributed team members to send personalised messages, helps companies control the customer experience. (Limited pilot.)

4. Journey Templates Create new journeys from a set of predefined templates. Templates are based on standard use cases, customer lifecycle stage, or complexity, and provide guided setup and content recommendations. (Available in 2018.)

5. When someone joins a community, the new Community Cloud and Journey Builder Entry Event creates an onboarding journey, guiding new members with prompts to take steps to become more engaged in your community by updating their profile, uploading a photo, and more. (Available now.)

6. Marketing Command Center offers a real-time, interactive view of the digital touchpoints between a company and their customers. The product brings together data from Email Studio, Journey Builder, Social Studio, Service Cloud, and now Sales Cloud and Einstein Analytics. Available now.



7. Mobile Studio’s MobilePush now allows Marketers to create engaging push notifications with rich media for more branding & message impact. Messages can include images, audio, GIFs, and videos. Available now.

8. Also in Mobile Studio’s MobilePush is now the option to add an inbox Message along with a push notification. By offering consumers multiple touch-points, Marketers can create more contextual mobile app engagement experiences. Available now.



9. Advertisers, you can now measure your B2B ad spend more effectively. Lead Analytics for Facebook allows you to see detailed information on who has engaged with their content, spoken with a sales rep, or made a purchase as a result of a Facebook ad. (Available now.)

10. The introduction of Journey Builder Advertising means that Marketers can now create and insert Facebook advertising campaigns directly into Journey Builder, which helps extend the reach and effectiveness of email campaigns. Fabulous. (Available now.)



11. Salesforce Marketing Cloud now includes Data Studio – a data-sharing platform that allows marketers to find and activate new, richer audiences while allowing publishers to monetise their data by provisioning it in a transparent way to trusted partners. Available now.

Furthermore, B2C DMP Integration — Salesforce DMP will be the only DMP to offer bi-directional first-party data flow between the DMP and Email Studio, which is the largest email service provider (ESP) in the world. This leading-edge functionality enables users to leverage first-party data to activate segments from DMP to Marketing Cloud, which will improve and refine targeting, enhance content personaliSation, and fine-tune suppression across both email and digital media. (Available in 2018.)

Einstein Segmentation — Salesforce DMP is the first DMP with the ability to leverage AI to analyse trillions of data combinations and deepen your understanding of your customers. This machine-driven analysis provides users with rich customer insights that only AI can surface, enabling marketers to drive further personalisation based on a much deeper understanding of target consumers. (Available in 2018.)


12. Social Studio is becoming more exciting as well as Einstein Social Insights use artificial intelligence to discover images and scenes, score influencers, calculate sentiment, and trigger workflow on social content. This helps marketers find actionable social posts and uncover new consumer insights automatically from live social data. Available now.



These new features and product developments, together with a tighter Google partnership, empower Salesforce Marketing Cloud users to possibly reach higher realms of marketing sophistication and success.


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