Salesforce Einstein 101 – Artificial Intelligence for Easy Insights and Greater Performance

May 10, 2017

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Update 2021. We were thrilled with our last Brighton User Group event on Salesforce Einstein 101. Was that already 4 years ago that?! Amazing how the vision is alive today, in 2021. Sanjay Pradhan, Principal Solutions Engineer, and his colleague Simon Cook, Principal Platform Solution Engineer – both at Salesforce – gave a dazzling presentation on our event, Einstein 101, answering questions like:

  • What is Salesforce Einstein?
    It’s AI for CRM. Einstein is the Artificial Intelligence that is embedded today everywhere in your Salesforce CRM. It makes the Salesforce Customer Success Platform smarter. Technically, Einstein refers to a set of integrated AI technologies. Business-wise, it means that you can make better informed aka data driven business decisions that engage and convert.
  • What are the benefits for Sales, Services and Marketing?
    Overall, better and greater results, plus faster actions based on the data-driven business decisions.
    • Sales: anticipate next opportunities and exceed customer needs.
    • Service: be proactive by resolving cases before they happen.
    • Marketing: create predictive journeys and personalise customer experiences.
  • What does it mean for Developers?
    Developers are not going to be out of work any day soon, but the trend of going from code to clicks is there. In essence, it transforms their role from pure coder to enabler and coder.

How is Einstein Different in 2021
Today, Einstein’s Artificial Intelligence is ready for use – you just need to turn it on! Then, learn how to get the analytics you’re after. No need for excessive data preparation or modelling – just ensure that the source data is in Salesforce, and it works!

Einstein is available through Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Analytics Cloud, and Experience Cloud. In terms of pricing: that really depends on the specific cloud and the extend of AI that you are after. Some of it is included standard in the clouds, while other features come with price tags.



Salesforce Einstein 101 – Artificial Intelligence as Top Technology

Artificial Intelligence has been touted as the top technology since 2017 and even today in 2021, this topic could not be more relevant.

(Sanjay and Simon have been instrumental in conceptual designs to make Einstein a success for customers, and their presentation showed their expertise. In their user group talk, Sanjay explored Salesforce’s vision for Einstein and demonstrated how artificial intelligence is embedded in the various areas of the Salesforce functionality. Moreover, Simon and Sanjay indicated where they see the future of Salesforce Einstein is heading, and showcased some highlights of the AI roadmap for the years to come. Their demo showing how simple tools for the connected home, AI and Salesforce ordering can work together. An awesome demo!)

Salesforce Einstein Developments – Learn More

Their talk was a few years ago now, and our CloudAnalysts consultants have written a number of articles since, so you can stay up to date on how the technology can benefit your organisation most:

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