Salesforce Lightning Benefits for Sales Reps & Business Managers (video)

Jan 14, 2017

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Gain an overview of significant potential Salesforce Lightning benefits for Sales AEs and management, and learn how to best manage your migration to Lightning for more successful adoption and sales results.

2017 might well be the year to get serious about Lightning and start learning about it, experimenting, or build your own company’s Lightning Roadmap. We’re there to help you, every step along the way.

Introduction to Salesforce Lightning


Sometimes I consider myself really lucky. Last November was such an occasion. I was invited to participate in the super-packed 2-day workshop, the ‘Lightning Now’- World Tour in London, UK.

Salesforce Lightning experts & executives from Salesforce itself ran the workshop.  They trained me and 200-odd others in the city, to come to the frontier of Lightning.  What I am sharing here with you today, is based on my own experience with Lightning, and the tremendous knowledge obtained in the workshop.

Benefits of Salesforce Lightning, Intro Video for AEs, Sales & Business Managers 2017

I enjoyed passing on my views on Lightning earlier this week, at our Brighton Salesforce User Group. For those who could not make it,  the video of my presentation is here below, so all of you can capture the benefits of Salesforce Lightning.

 What this Salesforce Lightning Youtube video addresses

This video addresses key questions and advantages of Lightning;

  • What is the Salesforce Lightning experience?
  • What are potential advantages of Salesforce Lightning?
  • Benefit 1: Redesigned sales-process-based Opportunity Workspace, means no scrolling and the right info at each step in the process, all in one screen.
  • Benefit 2: Opportunity Kanban Board, the ultimate sales pipeline overview.
    Salesforce Lightning Benefits -
  • Benefit 3: Outlook/Gmail Rich Email direct in Salesforce.
  • Benefit 4: Interactive Reporting.
  • Benefit 5: Rich Chatter Conversations, with video, live feed, rich text a.o.
  • Benefit 6: Better Search.
  • Benefit 7: Better Navigation.
  • Benefit 8: 35% less Design and Development cost.
  • What is the best way to start with Salesforce Lightning?
  • How we can help you with our support roadmap.


Where to get help to Get YOUR Salesforce Lightning Benefits

Salesforce-Lightning-Readiness --

We’d like to help you succeed with bringing about potential Salesforce Lightning advantages for your company.   After this video, you might be eager to learn more -i.e. the last topic in the video (, at the 20:11 min mark on the timeline).  Our consulting model is set out there.  Have a look at it.  Then, if you like what you’ve heard and seen, take your next step today towards your success: contact us for a free consultation or a demo.


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