Save on Advertising: Don’t Retarget who’s in your CRM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio

Oct 30, 2017

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio helps marketers boost their email marketing goals with advertising, in a number of ways.  For example, you can find new prospects with lookalikes; re-engage inactive users within the customer journey across digital advertising.

Ad campaigns that don’t factor in customer activity, such as purchases, are more likely to reach the wrong audience.  Advertising Studio help you address this. And more.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio - Pompeii oldest advertisement
We’ve come a long way from the world’s oldest advertising (Pompeii)

How Does Ad Studio Work?

An advertising audience is a group of consumers who have something in common. Use this to your advantage: leverage the profiles of your existing ‘top purchasing customers’ ( look-alike “seed” audience) to find people on Facebook who look-alike to your loyal top buyers.    Then, combine Facebook ads with a lead capture form, e.g. for a newsletter, and you can find new customers.   

Use the ‘exclusion audience’– feature to tell Facebook who the current subscribers are, so that it can suppress the lead capture form for those contacts, and not pay for them. Because your resulting target audience is highly qualified, you’re likely to get a great ROI on your advertising spend. 

The tech behinds the scenes: It allows companies to integrate with Google’s Customer Match API.  This enables brands to deploy ‘really targeted ads’, particularly on the search and social platforms from Google (search, Youtube, etc.) and Facebook (Facebook pages, Instagram, etc.).

7 Ways Advertising Studio Can Help Your Business

1. Reach Audiences at Scale

With Salesforce Advertising Studio, you can synchronise customer records instantly from any digital channel and ensure they’re always up to date, no matter how many campaigns you’re managing.

2. Find more Leads & Customers

Discover new potential customers who behave like your current high-value customers using Salesforce tools for lookalike and similar audiences. Then, through powerful campaigns boost lead generation and customer acquisition.

3. Automate Lead Gen from Social Media

With Advertising Studio, you can automatically send leads from social media channels like Facebook directly into Salesforce, so that your sales and marketing teams can nurturing and converting them.

4. Align Email and Advertising Campaigns

Coordinate advertising with email to reach more people and increase conversion chances by sharing messages with customers in both channels.

5. Access Data Across Platforms

Advertising Studio gives you access to data stored in Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud. Having all your data in one place helps shape and guide your advertising.

6. Protect Customer Data

Customer data stays safely on the encrypted Salesforce platform.

7. Re-engage Inactive Subscribers

Find and reconnect with customers who have drifted and communicate with them on their preferred channel (increasing the possibility of reengaging them).

Get help from our Salesforce Marketing Cloud experts today

At CloudAnalysts, we pride ourselves on our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Expertise and can help you get the most out of Salesforce Advertising Studio, pursuing any of the benefits listed above.

Our Involvement with Advertising Studio over the years.

As pioneers, we featured Advertising Studio on our London Salesforce Marketing Cloud User Group talk back in 2017. It was only 1.5 years old back then. See it discussed live on video below.

The inspiration of this topic was from one of my Salesforce Marketing Cloud client engagements:

  • A subscription-based financial services industry company who had to find another way to target customers other than by email.
  • It was especially important with GDPR being around the corner.
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio came in focus.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio

In this session, I invited Ashley Brender (Media Measurement) to demo the use cases for Advertising Audience Builder and Advertising Studio.  Ashley spent a decade in digital advertising. The last 6 years he worked for / with Salesforce on their advertising products. I had the personal pleasure of working with Ashley at a client site. This prompted me invite him to talk in front of our Marketing Cloud user group.

Following Ashley’s demo of Salesforce marketing cloud advertising studio, I hosted a fireside chat where the audience could quiz both myself and Ashley.    “new” tradition. In this chat, we tackled CMO’s most pressing questions and how Salesforce Advertising Studio helps address these.

GDPR & Advertising Studio

We addressed how to leverage Customer Data as well as Social Data. Some companies may now be faced with the realisation of unusable, un-sendable emails.  For example, if you have a subscription-based business, why not target your customers with Google PPC and Facebook Ads?  Repeat customers are much easier to sign on than new customers!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Advertising Studio – Video

Marketing Cloud Fireside Chat – Jimson Lee & Ashley Brender

If no video pops up here, see . Click on the little square in the corner to enable full screen.


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