Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study – How a SMB grew 40x

Jun 18, 2019

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Looking for an inspiring Salesforce Marketing Cloud case study? Here’s one. Since implementing Salesforce, this company’s grown over 40x! Learn how.

May I introduce Sureflap. This fantastic case study is fuelled by one company’s mission to create happy clients by improving the lives of the pet they love. Maybe because we love cats… but this story inspires us.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study for SME. Delightful story all cat-lovers will like.

It’s a case study and a Salesforce SME success story that puts a smile on your face, and that gets you thinking: “What if…”

How owners can improve the lives of their pets, with Salesforce

Cats’ appeal is great for creativity, but this team has been utterly pragmatic when it comes to Salesforce use.

Sureflap uses both Service Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Contact details take on a new bit of information when both pets and pet owners are managed. When they open Service Cloud, the agent can see the whole customer – pet owner story. Marketing Cloud is used to communicate with both the trade as well as with end customers.

This story is one of excellent customer service, the human story, and IoT; It’s about how owners can improve the lives of their pets. In the end of the day, that is what a good business does: helping your customers succeed in what’s important to them.

Plus, Sureflap also improves the work life and workload of its employees. Why? The company uses Chatter for internal communication. This greatly reduced the amount of email you usually get.

Case Study Video

This video tells the story in detail.

Get ROI with Salesforce

Hope you enjoyed this Salesforce Marketing Cloud Case Study for SME. Since Sureflap implemented Salesforce the business has grown over 40x! Isn’t it time you talk to us about how you can benefit from Salesforce Marketing Cloud? While we did not implement the software for this particular company, it is what we do all the time. We receive 5-star customer feedback consistently. And we know, we can make you purrrrfectly happy with your business growth – realised with our help and configuration on Salesforce Marketing Cloud (and CRM) too.

40 Times? Let’s see.

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