Salesforce marketing cloud package manager, a time-saver

Jan 24, 2024

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Ever built assets in Marketing Cloud and needed to move them to a different Business Unit in your SFMC org? Then you’ll understand why we’re excited about Marketing Cloud Package Manager as it can do this very easily, and more.

Generally speaking, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Package Manager is a powerful tool for managing your marketing efforts in a more efficient and effective manner. This solution offers a wide range of features that can help you streamline your marketing processes and drive better results.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Package Manager was released April ’21 and has undergone a few rounds of upgrades since then.

What is Salesforce Marketing cloud package manager  - article by CloudAnalysts

Let’s take a step back. Before it, we had Deployment Manager – a Salesforce Labs application. Yes, Deployment Manager was useful, and no, it wasn’t too hard to obtain it from the AppExchange. But it wasn’t enough. Package Manager was the answer to our “Mmm… ‘something is missing'” – realisation when evaluating Deployment Manager.

Look at the differences:

SFMC Package Manager

Deployment Manager

Fully configured journey (Sales & Service Cloud events & activities supported)Unconfigured journey (no support for Sales & Service Cloud events or activities)
Content assets + personalization No content assets
Select only the highest level object-Package Manager finds & copies the dependencies for youSelect all items related to the higher level object that you’ll later map manually
Full Salesforce supportNo formal Salesforce support
True fast scalability with ready-to-activate journeys, automations, etc.Lots of manual work leftover reduced scalability benefits
Info by Salesforce

Package Manager lets you create bundled packages for Journeys, Automations and Campaigns. Think of Package Manager as the next generation of Dev Ops tools for SFMC, focused on scalability, speed and sharing best practices:

  • Export & import content, data models and entire Journeys for easy and efficient reuse with our new platform application, Marketing Cloud Package Manager.
  • Share best practices across the global enterprise and accelerate on-boarding of new BUs or geographies.
  • Leverage industry subject matter expertise to jumpstart Marketing Cloud usage.

Package manager customisation

To make Package Manager somewhat better, you can customise your package with 3 custom field configurations: Company name, logo, and website. Configure these in Package Manager before migrating the package.

A promising future, but limitations today

While Package Manager is promising, its first version had limitations.

  • Package Manager supports only these objects or apps: Content Builder, Journey Builder, Data Extensions, Automations and Folders. If there are unsupported objects in the package, a notification appears before you deploy the package. For example, while all AMPscript is packaged and deployed, only AMPscript code that references supported objects by ID are recognised, and their dependencies are automatically packaged. You you must address such issues before you can move on.
  • Package Manager today is only for Marketing Cloud Administrators.

We trust that Salesforce will continue to develop Package Managers in future releases.

How to use Salesforce marketing cloud package manager

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Package Manager will be available to all SFMC customers after April 19, 2021 at no cost. Meanwhile Deployment Manager is scheduled for retirement on January 31, 2023. 

As an Administrator, you will be able to select Package Manager from the Platform menu in Marketing Cloud. Then, you’ll a list of journeys in the current business unit displays. Use the tabs to view other object types including automations, content, and data extensions. And get to work!

Enjoy this new feature by Salesforce and remember, it’s our job to make you better. If you need any help with Marketing Cloud, here’s where to find us:

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