Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Campaign Monitor – which email platform is best?

May 12, 2020

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Purchasing an Email Platform? Analyse Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Campaign Monitor with us, and learn which email platform suits you best. There is a big price differential: Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Campaign Monitor: $1K+/month vs $9.00+/month. but we urge you to look beyond price to value. What value can the email platform deliver to your business? There has to be a good reason for such a price differential. Let’s have a look!

Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Campaign Monitor

Before I explain their worth, let’s clarify that marketing software tools must be evaluated on the value they can create for your organisation, rather than merely on cost alone.


Having used simple, straight forward emailing tools like AWeber, MailChimp or CampaignMonitor for decades, we have learnt that there is a place in the market for both. We see moving from CampaignMonitor to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or Pardot, as a natural progression on a company’s journey towards needing a team-approach to digital marketing and becoming a more sophisticated data-driven digital marketer overall.

What is CampaignMonitor

CampaignMonitor is a great introductory tool for people who are relatively new to email marketing. There are templates you can leverage, and you can set up a drip campaigns of 3-4 emails in a row with a few days in between once someone has signed up on your webform. And then it reports back on the clicks/opens on that.

How about this analogy:

Once you’ve obtained your drivers license, it’s a great tool to begin driving to get comfortable on the road of email marketing. — CampaignMonitor, aWeber or Mailchimp ao emailing programs, in a nutshell: good places to start.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud takes it from there. It lets you drive beyond the horizon, in any way you want, with any level of sophisticated data-based segmentation that you are willing to set up.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud: A Professional Marketers’ Platform

Content Builder

Beyond the basic tools and templates that email sending providers give, Salesforce Marketing Cloud comes with a much wider range of digital marketing tools, that start at a professional grade and go up in sophistication from there. Marketing Cloud allows you to use it as a hub for all your digital marketing. This starts with the shared marketing calendar, and its customisable, searchable visual library of marketing assets, such as image, files and templates, called Content Builder. You can create all kind of (interactive) content blocks, templates, or final emails there as well. Designer can partially lock templates, to ensure that others only send on-brand marketing communication. Easily pick and reuse image and other content blocks of past campaigns for new engagements by effective filters you can set up in Content Builder’s visual overview.


Marketing Cloud comes with 160 reports out of the box. And you can create any kind of reports or measure to see the results of campaigns, campaigns by type of customer, campaigns in each section of their customer journey, sorted by country, etc.

In Marketing Cloud, the simple ‘open and clicks’ report does not even sit in Reporting. It sits in Email Studio. Reporting, getting real insights on what works and what doesn’t, comes with a workbench all of its own. There, you can measure a million things beyond clicks and opens; operating in the realm of sales and satisfaction of any marketeers. Answer questions like ‘How effective was my entire campaign over time’.

Journey Builder

While basic email packages let you create drip campaigns which literally drip emails into recipients inboxes at timed intervals, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an interactive engagement platform.

Triggered Sends

This goes far beyond sending a different email based on a recipient’s clicks or opens. Its hyper-integration with Salesforce core allows you to create Triggered email Sends.

Say a customer had a 10 am appointment in your clinic but was a ‘no show’. When a patient coordinator records in Salesforce Service Cloud that the person did not show up for the appointment, that new field status can automatically trigger a re-scheduling invitation email to a patient.

This incredibly effective, timely communication requires no work for the already busy Patient Coordinator who now can directly go on serving other patients who are showing up.

This is just a simple example of a triggered send. We have designed extremely sophisticated customer journey communication plans.

Beyond triggered sends, you can schedule sends and set emails that directly respond to customer behaviour in the journey.

Marketing Cloud Customer Engagement Planning

Marketing Cloud Multi-channel Approach

Salesforce Marketing Cloud goes beyond email.

‘Email is for old people’, our daughter would say. She lives on social. Well, Marketing Cloud Social Studio listens for customer engagement on a multitude of social platforms and allows marketeers to timely respond, or rather, join the conversation.

Marketing Cloud also seamless integrates Mobile messages, or even retargeting advertisements to past website visitors into its planned customer journeys.

Marketing Cloud Email Personalisation

Personalisation in Marketing Cloud is not about addressing someone with Sir if he’s male. It’s about understanding your prospects likes and dislikes and serving up solutions you can offer that fit like a glove, in the ‘color and style’ that pleases that person most.

To orchestrate such tailored marketing, Marketing Cloud allows marketeers to connect data from anywhere with its platform: sales data, event data, customer profile data, survey results – any data you wish.

Forever Innovative

The world of email marketing is fast moving and evolving. Salesforce Marketing Cloud stays at the frontier of such innovations. So that today, we can help you set up interactive emails, where customers can engage with your web content or start answering your survey directly from within the email.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Campaign Monitor

Conclusion: I hope this clarify the difference between the two. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us as we implement both platforms for clients.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud vs Campaign Monitor – Learn More

Where to Start with Campaign Monitor

If you landed here with an interest to start super simple and inexpensively with Campaign Monitor, realise we’ve got you covered, with the Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app, you can get all of the Campaign Monitor features in Salesforce CRM and even extend them further via the app and our Salesforce configuration of it.

Where to Start with Marketing Cloud

Of course, when moving from Campaign Monitor to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, you do not have to start with the most complex solution. We typically migrate a client over with a solution that takes them ‘a notch up’, addressing a current key challenge for them. And MVP with impact!!!! Then, over time, we work with them to design and implement increasingly sophisticated solutions, realising a longer term vision of success, over time.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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