Salesforce release notes – schedule Winter 23

Jul 29, 2022

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It’s still full on summer here in the UK, but the Salesforce Release Notes Winter 23 dates have just been released. See below for easy reference.

Update Oct 24: See Salesforce Winter 23 Release Notes – Best Free Features.

And do bookmark this article. Over the next few months, we’ll update this article with our selection of the highlights and exactly what you need to know for your continued success with Salesforce for superior customer engagement.

For now, here are the Winter 23 Release Notes Dates

Winter 23 Pre-Release Org

The single best way to investigate that’s new in an upcoming Salesforce release is to sign up for a pre-release org … before it becomes available in your Sandbox. Let’s do this. These become available on August 11.  So mark that date in your calendar and google “Winter 23 pre-release org” when the time comes.

Winter 23 Release Notes

The KEY DATE, of course, is the date of official release notes. While they typically are 800+ pages, and yeah, it’s work … they are also somewhat looked forward with anticipating to get some key new features we’ve been asking for as a community. Will our wish be granted and that new feature become available in Salesforce?!!! The Salesforce Release Notes publication date: August 17.

Update Aug 17:

You can now find the Winter 23 Salesforce Release Notes here. Or go straight to the Winter 23 Release – New Features demo videos, which are much easier to absorb:

Pro-tip: bookmark this article for easy reference.

Winter ’23 Sandbox Preview

Another important date int he Salesforce Release Schedule is when the Sandbox preview becomes available. This is important to test new features and upgrades in your own org. While the pre-release orgs allow you to test out new features in general, in your own Sandbox preview, you be able to do this on your system with all your unique configurations. Much more powerful – a greater reality check indeed. Salesforce has two release windows for Sandboxes. Most of us will be upgraded from August 27 onwards.

Salesforce Winter 23 Release Dates

When is your Salesforce instance going to be upgraded to the new release? You will be told this in your or. Do test everything in your org before the release goes live! That way you can be confident that all will still works properly and you know how to navigate the new features and upgrades, when the date rolls around.

The main release weekends for Winter 23 are:

  • September 10, 2022
  • October 8, 2022

So for now, put both dates in your calendar.

And stay tuned for more info from now till then! ( We will update this article over time).


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