Salesforce Social Studio Review: Latest Features 2019-2020

Sep 23, 2019

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Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Social Studio is a middle-child. Overlooked. Misunderstood. So much so that Certification in Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio is no longer obtainable – not many people took the exam. (CloudAnalysts was already certified and we actually worked with the Social Studio platform, which puts us in a excellent position to write this Salesforce Social Studio Review. Having said all this, since 2020, this piece of software is making an resurgence – and this is why.

Salesforce Social Studio Review

But now that Social Studio is given free to Nonprofits, there’s new hope for SocialStudio to gain more limelight. Plus, the latest Social Studio August 2019 Release Notes show new features that make it a more significant and worthy software, for the price.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio Top New Developments 2019

Let’s back up a second: What is Social Studio exactly? It’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s platform for social marketing. It lets you listen to conversations about your brand across the web, plus monitor customer engagement. Find influencers, notice keywords and sentiments. Social Studio then also lets you engage with your community, and publish on a wide range of social channels: from Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Sina Weibo, and YouTube.

(Note: Pardot can be used for social posting as well.)

The Social Studio Universe

Salesforce social studio
Salesforce Social Studio

Previously more akin to a paid Hootsuite account than it liked to acknowledge, Salesforce Social Studio has been leaping forward, evolving in line with new social media developments.

Salesforce Social Studio Review of August 2019 Release Notes

Here are the new features that it launched August just past, that are going to help you to be a superior social media marketeer with Social Studio:

Connect Salesforce Contacts with Social Studio

With this single feature, Social Studio is getting good! Thanks to its new ‘Contact Connector’, you can now engage with someone on social media armed with the knowledge of that person is a Salesforce contact with a Service case. With this new feature that better integrates Social Studio with Salesforce, we’re getting closer to a 360-degree customer-view.

  • Contact Connector also shows whether a customer has a social persona in Salesforce.
  • After you link a Salesforce account to Social Studio, Contact Connector displays a post author’s Salesforce contact record.
  • If a record exists, you see it when viewing the post author information. Learn More.

Further Facebook Integration

  1. Registering Facebook Ad accounts and promoting Facebook posts.
    • After you register Facebook Ad accounts in Social Studio Admin, assign them to your workspace.
    • You can boost scheduled and published Facebook content in Social Studio Publish. Learn More.
  2. Single Sign-On (SSO) in Social Studio
    • Social Studio SSO improves user experience and security. Social Studio uses Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) 2.0, an open standard that allows identity providers to pass authorization credentials to service providers.
    • Get your Admin/Super-user to turn it on. Learn More
  3. You can now use Call-to-Actions (CTA) to prompt Facebook users to interact with your (carrousel) post, content creators can choose Call-to-actions that align closely with their marketing goal. Learn More

Develop a Social Review Strategy

If you now register your “Google My Business”-accounts in Salesforce Social Studio, you can see the review content from location pages in Engage.

  • You can use a Google My Business account with location pages in Social Studio, along with other social media content, forums, and blogs.
  • Create engage columns in Social Studio to monitor customer conversations, get real-time feedback, and react immediately to positive and negative reviews.
  • No longer switching between different platforms. Time to roll-out a Social Review Strategy is now. Learn More

Work with Persona Groups

View the demographics of Persona Groups in the summary dashboard.

  • See that the age, gender, and location make up of the Personal Group in Social Studio Analyze. Learn More.

Post Linkedin Videos via Social Studio

Add videos to your LinkedIn updates on Company pages as you would on other social networks in Social Studio.

  • Publish the update with the video immediately or schedule for later.
  • Ensure videos added to LinkedIn posts conform to Social Studio’s video specs. Post them in Social Studio so they’ll show up on your calendar. Learn More.

We hope you enjoyed this Salesforce Social Studio Review. Ready to discuss your Social Studio needs? Contact us now.

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