Salesforce Spring 19 Release Updates – Tips

Feb 6, 2019

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Salesforce Spring 19 Release has some very exciting new updates, and I’d like to share my favourite tips with you.

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There are MANY new updates again in this ’19 release. So take it in strides; don’t digest them all at once; better if you implement them over time. Truth is: no one handles Salesforce release notes in one sitting. Review this article, then, click through and browse some headlines. Drill down into what interests.

So, what do we find exciting about the Salesforce Spring ’19 Release ? Here’s our list.

Salesforce Core – Update Spring 19

As most of our work is multi-cloud involving SF core in some way,

  1. Create new objects from your spreadsheets, in Salesforce lightning. Some companies are just Excel obsessed. They have a new idea, and pop it in Excel. They want to measure and track something, and pop it in Excel. You get the picture. I am SURE you know a company, or a person like that. Now, give that company Salesforce and they should be thrilled. But sometimes, certain individuals in that company aren’t. This feature is for them. They’ll love it. The conversion even works for Google Sheets or Quip. Yes, yes yes, you want it? Go get it. BTW. it has further integrations that Quip users will love. Real productivity boosters.
  2. Massive increase in data storage. I mean a 10-fold, going from 1 to 10 GB overall, and then even more pro-rated to the number of user licenses you have.
  3. Many new features focuses on productivity gain. E.g. finally that ‘Recently viewed’ can make place for your personal ‘favourite’ list view. Via a pin. Oh heaven!!!! That forced ‘Recently viewed’ list view has been a long pet pfief* of mine. So, Yet another reason to love Salesforce a-coming. Learn How to Set it Up.   (I have a workaround today… but pinning will be way better).
  4. Everyone is talking about it: the renewed flow builder! More intuitive, no Flash, looks better and easier to design complex flows. Excellent.
  5. Salesforce is now SERIOUS about you moving to Lightning, and has made a number of tweaks to propel you forward in that direction. If you weren’t planning for it yet, now is the time to put it on your roadmap. There are lots of tools to do so and it really is becoming easier. For example, on one of my last projects I ‘suffered’ having to go build it in Classic and then make it available in Lightning. Now, tada….. you can build your Joined Reports in Lightning. Love it.
  6. Using SMS Text messaging? You can now get Bots to work for you.
  7. In Chatter, you can now add links to posts and comments, and has ‘thank you’ emojis.

Marketing Cloud Update Spring 19

Within the context of the Salesforce Spring 19 Release, Marketing Cloud has its own schedule of updates, which will be from January 26 till February 15. The Social Studio Release occurs on January 26, 2019.

Google Analytics 360 Audience Activation

  1. This is our main highlight. We talked about Google Analytics 360 integration with Marketing Cloud before. New in ’19:

You can link Subscriber IDs to build SFMC audiences, based on your GA data. This is majorly useful. And, it’s for web and mobile app activity, email engagement, and offline behaviour. Capture customer behaviour and activities, such as abandon cart, goal non-completes, page exits, browse abandons, and search abandons.

How does this all work? “When a known subscriber clicks a link in a message sent from Marketing Cloud, Google recognizes the SubscriberID inside the link and ties it to the Google Analytics client ID. Google captures the subscriber’s subsequent online activity. You can use this data to create an audience. Audiences are built in Google Analytics 360, and you can share the audience with a Marketing Cloud enterprise account as a preferred destination.”

More about this announcement.

And, now you can create a single user through persistent IDs between SFMC (Enterprise) & GA 360, without a lengthy, complex services engagement.

More info: Salesforce Marketing Cloud Release Notes – Spring 19

Pardot Update – Spring 19

Pardot will DRASTICALLY CHANGE on February 11, 2019. The Salesforce-Pardot integration is improved in several major ways, Pardot’s Einstein Artificial Intelligence B2B Marketing Analytics, will show some major advancements.

Read the full update of what’s New in Pardot Release Notes, Spring 19 – very exciting.

The Details

Ready to now learn all about the Salesforce Spring 19 release? 3 ways to learn:

  • Love reading? Interested in reading all 461 pages of this season’s release? Here you go.
  • A Trail blazer? Trailhead, Salesforce training platform, has training for Salesforce releases. It’s a fun way to learn and also maintains your Salesforce certifications – if you have them.
  • Visual learner? Salesforce release talk shows with project managers, are recorded on youtube videos.


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