Salesforce Summer 19 Release Dates – what happens when

Apr 15, 2019

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Salesforce upgrades its CRM software 3x per year, and the count-down for the Summer Release 19 will start in a mere 3 days. Find all the Salesforce Summer 19 Release Dates here in this article.

The Salesforce Release Schedule

What’s in 3 days? April 18 marks the sign-up date for a Salesforce ‘Sandbox’ Pre-release org. In such a Salesforce org, you get to try out new features before you make them available in your real ‘Production’ org. If you’d like a Pre-release org, you will need to sign up BEFORE May 3 to take advantage of what’s in offer. — The link to the sign-up page is not yet available, but when it does, I’ll add them in a few days, at end of this article.

Meanwhile, here is your roadmap, for planning purposes:

Salesforce Summer 19 Release Dates

  • April 18 | Pre-Release Org Sign-up.
  • April 22 | The Salesforce Release Notes for Summer 19 will be available.
  • May 3-4 | Preview Sandbox orgs will be upgraded.
  • May 3 | Release previous website will be published and the “Do the Summer 19 Release” module will be added to Trailhead
  • May 7 | Release Overview Deck & Feature Matrix will be published.
  • June | The Release Webinars are live.
  • June 3-7 | Live demos and Q&A with the Salesforce Product teams
  • May 17-18 | Release Weekend 1: Summer 19 is live!
  • June 7-8 | Release Weekend 2 : Summer 19 is live!
  • June 14-15 | Release Weekend 3 | Non-Preview instances* will be upgraded. (See the detailed release schedule in ‘Trust’ in your Salesforce org to learn when YOUR Salesforce org will be upgraded.)
  • July | Summer ’19 Release Exams on Trailhead. Again exact dates tbd.

(*The Summer ’19 Release for Sandboxes are split into Preview and Non-Preview. Preview Sandboxes will get upgraded to the newer Salesforce version before Salesforce Production orgs do. (e.g. NA2, EU1, AP0). Meanwhile, the Non-preview Sandboxes are upgraded along with the most Production orgs. Between now and May 3, 2019 all sandbox requests will be routed to Preview Instances. Sandboxes that complete in time for the major release on May 3, 2019 will be upgraded to the newer version of Salesforce.)

To Refresh or Not to Refresh one’s Sandbox…

How to manage that whole sandbox refresh process? Here’s quick video explaining it all:

Upcoming Release Support

As soon as we’ll have access to it, and worked through the 500+ pages …., we’ll offer a Review of the upcoming Summer 19 Salesforce Release Notes. We’ll also add a link to the full release notes here, when available. So, bookmark this page.

We offer assistance to all existing and new clients to become release ready. Just contact us to schedule a workshop.


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