New Salesforce trailhead ranking for rangers

Feb 13, 2024

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This week, Salesforce introduced 5 advanced Salesforce trailhead ranking, specially for rangers. I am sure that many of us in the Salesforce Ohana are happy about this. Long awaited. Til this week, any Salesforce admin or consultant with even 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x the Salesforce Ranger level, had no way to indicate our actual level of expertise.

Today, experienced salesforce admins can show off their progress in skill development to their employer so much better.

What are the new Salesforce Trailhead ranks?

These new badges introduced this week are are double star ranger, triple star ranger, four star ranger, five star ranger and all star ranger.

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What do you need to obtain a higher rank?

The Salesforce Trailhead ranks are still based on both badges and points, and levelled like so:

The number of badges and points you’ll need for each:

  • DOUBLE STAR RANGER: 200 badges and 100K+ points.
  • TRIPLE STAR RANGER: 300 badges and 150K+ points.
  • FOUR STAR RANGER: 400 badges and 200K+ points.
  • FIVE STAR RANGER: 500 badges and 250K+ points.
  • ALL STAR RANGER: 600 badges and 300K+ points.

New Salesforce trailhead ranking means gamification of skill development on a higher level

To stay current with Salesforce, new certifications are a must, but trailhead certainly also today has its own place in the world, predominantly as a complement to Salesforce Help and Training, and as an overall skill building solution.

Trailhead is mostly a self-study platform. So gamification to keep everyone involved is crucial to its success. You can already see the effect of the new ranking even just a few days in, with many people publishing their ‘just gained’ next higher ranger level.

What is the highest rank in Trailhead has gone up not 1 or 2 but 5 levels! That really is quite a bit. So, if your company has a Salesforce Trailhead Leaderboard, be sure to upgrade it now, and spin off a new internal competition — from now till Christmas, who can make it to Salesforce Trailhead All stars Ranger?! Count us in. Linkedin is a bit of a public leaderboard these days, but internally you can have one too. Even if you don’t use mytrailhead, you can still keep the scores and tally.

We always encourage our clients (- and our staff * -) to all have done the Salesforce Marketing modules – (*even if they have a full hand worth of marketing cloud certifications and years of experience already,) as there’s always something new to learn and it’s important to stay abreast of the changes as Salesforce innovates, we want our clients to have the best possible solutions.

What’s your Salesforce rank, Trailblazer?

The answer to ‘How many badges are good in Salesforce?’ has been shifting over time. In 2015, there were only 85 trailhead badges in total. Things bumped up fast from there. Then, the average held by users was 120 or so badges a few years ago. Then Salesforce reported an average of about 200 badges in 2020-21.

With the new levels, come new goals, right? What rank do you want to be tomorrow?

As you know, besides Salesforce trailhead points (and lots of actual work experience, of course), employers also want to see a Salesforce certification. Be sure to also look at our tips to pass the Salesforce certified administrator exam. And once certified, and living in the UK, be sure to contact us to see if we have a role for you.

New Salesforce Ranger Ranks

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