SMS Character Counter: free tool to speed up your work

May 27, 2024

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When you’re a marketing manager and you have to design SMS marketing messages, than you know that the forever counting of the number of characters in your carefully crafted marketing messages will eventually wear even the most enthusiastic digital marketer out. As we help companies with Salesforce Service Cloud, marketing, and thus SMS messages, we thought to help you by removing this annoying step. So without further ado: here is our SMS character counter – developed just for you.

SMS Character Counter

SMS character count limits

As you know, depending on the character sets you use, your maximum SMS message length is from 70 through 160 characters. If you have more, then your text goes on to a second message, i.e. doubling your SMS cost. Best to stay shy of 140 characters, so you have a few characters remaining to handle the variance caused by <personalisation tags> like “Hi <Firstname>.

Salesforce Service Cloud also handle ‘long codes’. The maximum length of a single message is then approximately 912 characters. This depends on the language and characters used in the message.  If a message includes special characters, such as smart quotes, UTF-16 encoding is applied and the limit is reduced to 396 characters.

How to use our character counter

This SMS character counter by CloudAnalysts is free to use for your message development.

You can use this widget to edit your initial marketing message ideas to fit the character limit till your message is just the way you like it: short, sweet and effective.

Obviously, you can use this character counter for other content creation purposes too. E.g. great to craft social media messages for Twitter or X. Or any marketing content, really.

Why use SMS for marketing

Engaging with your customers at the rightt moment is important so they can take the next step in their purchasing journey. SMS messages, being delivered real-time and on mobile devices, which are typically carried around 24/7, means that customers are informed – and can respond to you – immediately. Positive business impact result.

Beyond the SMS character counter

At CloudAnalysts, it’s our business to make your and your colleagues lives better by optimising, automating and elevating your work and its results, leveraging Salesforce.

No client to small or large. No problem to complex or simple.

Ask us for our ‘Managed Services’ whereby you can have a team of Salesforce experts on your finger tips for just a couple of days a month – costing you a fraction of the cost of having such a team in-house.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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