Account-based marketing just got better (Terminus + Pardot)

Aug 14, 2020

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Terminus - Pardot ABM Integration

What happens when you combine customer data from different sources? You create powerful segments, improve attribution analytics, enable real-time engagement-driven alerts. With the new Terminus – Pardot ABM Integration, you can now do just that to create superior account-based marketing. Brilliant.


For those who are unfamiliar with these two platforms: Terminus is the leading account-based marketing platform. Salesforce Pardot is the leading B2B marketing automation platform.

The Terminus-Pardot integration was announced this week. I already happily commented on this on social media earlier. However I thought to share it on the blog as well as it is a great development.

What the Terminus – Pardot ABM Integration Means

For Salesforce Pardot, this means: enabling marketers to drive a full-funnel, account-centric strategy with shared data, improved analytics, advanced reporting, and lead-to-account mapping capabilities.

Salesforce Pardot ABM Accredited consultants

A few months ago, Pardot invited me to join a small group of early adopters to become Salesforce ABM accredited. In the workshops we strung together a host of Salesforce core and Pardot features to form the foundation for companies to excel their ABM initiatives with the platform.

Now, thanks to the Pardot-Terminus integration, companies using Pardot can now natively leverage the account intelligence they hold in Terminus. And they can merge it with their existing marketing intelligence in Pardot. All this for the purpose of realising superior marketing results.

“This provides Pardot users with the ability to identify high-value accounts in real-time, while accessing Terminus’ engagement data to build sophisticated nurture and segmentation campaigns at an account level.” Explains Terminus.

In sum: An ABM Supercharge

“This integration can make it easier for marketers to combine existing marketing automation data with our high-performing account intelligence data. This capability means users can supercharge their work done in Pardot with a more exhaustive data asset on their accounts.”

Bryan Wade, Terminus’ Chief Product Officer points out how it’s not only benefitting existing Pardot customers, but certainly also existing Terminus clients.

Terminus-Pardot ABM Integration Features

3 key features of this ABM integration

  • A2-way data sync.
    • Build better segments for targeted advertising in Terminus based on Pardot data, or activate drip marketing campaigns in Pardot at precisely the right time with account engagement data from Terminus.
    • Send real-time alerts to your Sales- and Customer Success- teams regarding important or at-risk accounts or opportunities.
  • Sales and Customer Success intelligence.
    • Help outbound teams prioritise outreach to the most engaged and best-fit target accounts, and provide timely alerts about at-risk accounts coming up for renewal. 2.
  • Lead-to-Account Matching, and Improving Data Hygiene.
    • Improve your Salesforce data hygiene by mapping all orphaned leads to the appropriate account, build customised marketing programs around the entire buying group within an account, uncover missing decision-makers within a target account.
    • It empowers marketing and sales teams to better engage with the right accounts, and to coordinate engagement across channels to deliver a connected experience.

What You Need for ABM

A set up with both Terminus and Pardot is exactly what you need for your ABM initiatives. We predict it will significantly speed up your ABM team’s campaign execution.

CloudAnalysts, Your ABM Consultants

CloudAnalysts is unique among Salesforce implementing firms. Its consultants are top-tier certified in Salesforce marketing. We have. 20+ years of experience in all aspects of digital marketing, Pardot & Marketing Cloud marketing automation and Salesforce. Poised and caring, we help you and your team leverage this new integration for your ABM campaigns, and be successful.

Questions regarding ABM? Interested how this could work for you? Contact us for an informal chat, if you wish.

Update: Salesforce has renamed Pardot to Marketing Cloud Account Engagement as of April 5, 2022.

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