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Feb 11, 2024

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What’s with that clock in the picture? This article about Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions is all about saving time. Being more efficient in our general computer usage is a ‘must do’. It is increasingly exciting as technology evolves, I have to confess.

Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2021

As a Salesforce consultant. but also as a heavy Salesforce business user, I personally use many Chrome Extensions. All of us at CloudAnalysts use them, to boost our productivity, bypass meaningless tasks, access invaluable data, and make the best use of our consulting time.

We want the same for you, so let me share nearly two dozens of the greatest ones, for Salesforce Business users, Admins and Developers.

Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2024 for Business Users

1. Salesforce — Gmail integration

This Extension allows you to work with your Salesforce records, directly from within Gmail. Bring emails into Salesforce. Set tasks, book meetings, the lot. Plugin by Salesforce. Users: 200K+ in 2020. Main purpose: productivity. Rating: ★★★★.

Personally, I love this extension and use it all the time.

Salesforce chrome extensions

2. Gmail Auto Follow Up

Gmail Auto Follow Up is a Google Chrome Extension that helps you follow up with your clients or prospects, through automated follow up emails and mail merge. Just set up a sequence of emails to send to your prospects over time from your Gmail. The ability to link back to your CRM, like Salesforce. Purpose: email follow-up productivity. Users: 5K+. Rating: ★★★★★.

I think in 2020, with only 5K+ users, this is a hidden gem that’s just waiting to be discovered by all SME’s who realise that ’email wins’ in a digital panorama.

4. ClearBit for Salesforce – Lite

Display in-depth person and company data on every Salesforce record, right in your browser. Allows you to turn any email address or domain name into full prospect and company profiles with over 85 actionable data points. Know everything about your contacts, leads, and prospects without searching – every data point you might need instantly available, and never stale. Purpose: The Ultimate Lead Building & Sales Booster . Users: 9K+. Rating: ★★★★.

For some reason, this plugin — which was excellent!!!! – just stopped working and it’s unclear as to why.

5. Salesforce ORGanizer

Self-acclaimed the best Salesforce extension ever, the ORGanizer Chrome Extension allows you to easily manage multiple Salesforce Logins by adding your frequently used accounts to the app, and offers some other goodies like helping you recognise Salesforce- tabs on your browser. For all. Even adventurous users on Trailhead, practicing setting things up in a dev org, will benefit from this Salesforce Chrome extension.

Users: only 18,348, but that will change dramatically soon as Trailhead becomes mainstream. Purpose: productivity. Rating: ★★★★.

We all tried this at one point or another in our salesforce career. I used it for a while. I stopped when too many Chrome extensions were a problem on my Mac. But actually, I think I will go back to it. Very useful to stay organised.

6. Ebsta For Salesforce

This Salesforce Chrome Extension helps you to seamlessly integrate Salesforce with Gmail and Google Calendar. Ebsta takes things up a notch when it comes to syncing emails and calendars, tracking emails, personalised cadences, sending later, meeting scheduler and more. Purpose: email / meeting setup productivity. Users: 10K+. Rating: ★★★★.

I personally don’t use this extension, but some people really love Ebsta. It’s basically a paid plugin.

7. Pardot Engage for Gmail

This plug-in allows users with a Salesforce Engage license to connect Pardot directly to their Gmail so they can easily track emails sent through Gmail in Pardot and pull Pardot email templates into their existing Gmail account. The plug-in supports both the Classic Gmail UI and the new Gmail UI. Purpose: lead communication productivity.

Users: 4K+. Ratings: ★★★½

Not Uber-popular in 2022, but I just brought and implemented Salesforce Engage at a client who is over the moon with the results and actionable insight that Engage (previously known as LeadDeck) provides. Happy to give you a presentation about Engage, if interested. Just set up a Discovery call.

8. Sync Salesforce Contacts to Google

Get all your Salesforce contacts in your Google Contacts so that you can access your clients’ information whenever you need it, on your phone or in your Gmail. Keeps it in sync. Useful for both email and text messaging. Purpose: sales lead management productivity. Users: 1,447. Rating: ★★★★★.

Not just for Salesforce business users, but all Chrome business users:

9. OneTab

Save up to 95% memory and reduce tab clutter. Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

Purpose: organisation. Users: 2,217,070. Ratings: ★★★★½.

Again, I use this one every single day and it’s excellent. A fantastic tool to manage your online info resources and websites, for multiple projects. Every other Friday or so, I go back to my OneTab page and group and label my bookmarked URLs. You can expert them, archive them, send them to clients as handy overviews. Uber handy!

10. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper helps you save interesting things you find on the Web into your Evernote account. With Evernote Web Clipper, CLIP any webpage, HIGHLIGHT what matters most, ANNOTATE, take SCREENSHOTS, and have access to that information whenever and wherever you need it. “Don’t ask yourself which device it’s on—it’s in Evernote” – The New York Times. Purpose: general work efficiency. Users: 4,939,740. Ratings: ★★★★★.

Again, very handy. I know some people who literally swear by Evernote, however, personally I never got the hang of it and prefer other tools. Nonetheless, if you like Evernote, you’ll like web clipper.

11. LastPass: Free Password Manager

LastPass saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device. Only remember 1 password. A well-maintained but free Chrome Extension, that’s useful for Salesforce users and others alike. Purpose: productivity. Users: 8,880,245. Ratings: ★★★★½.

Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions 2024 for Admins, Developers, and others:

12. Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce productivity tools to inspect data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI. It adds a metadata layout on top of the standard Salesforce UI to improve the productivity and joy of Salesforce configuration, development, and integration work. 🙂 For Developers & Admins. Users: 57,515. Rating: ★★★★★

13. Salesforce Navigator

This extension helps you get to any Salesforce page quickly. Type what you need to do. All objects list views and create new pages are available. Users: 8,000+. Main purpose: productivity. For Admins & Developers. Rating: ★★★★★. Get it:

14. Salesforce DevTools

This Chrome extension is a simple but powerful toolkit for Salesforce development, and includes Objects reference, ERDs, Apex code generator, Query Editor, and more. Think: exporting Objects API Reference to Excel file; Salesforce data modal (ERDs) generator; Display fields API name on Salesforce object detail page. And thinks like this. For Salesforce Developers. Users: 10,393. Rating: ★★★★★.

15. Boostr for Salesforce

Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr! Current features include the ability to search or filter, when adding items to a change set. And many more. Purpose: Dev productitvity. Users: 5,265. Ratings: ★★★★★.

16. Salesforce Community Page Optimizer

This Salesforce Chrome Extension analyses your lightning-based community/apps and identifies performance optimisation opportunities. Use the information to refine your design and improve performance for your members. Purpose: Developer Tools. Users: 3,229. Rating: ★★★★★.

17. Salesforce Colored Favicons

If you love color-coding, this one is for you! For both Salesforce Classic and Lightning, this extension replaces the standard Salesforce favicon with coloured one, based on the org. Plus, displays a separate icon for sandbox instances. Purpose: Productivity. Users: 14,695 users. Rating: ★★★★½.

18. Salesforce Change Set Turbo

This Salesforce Chrome extension will turbo-charge your admin-power/productivity during code deployments. Much loved by existing users. Recent comment: “Love it, what SF product management should have done 10 years ago.” Purpose: Salesforce Admin/Consultants productivity. Users: 2,322. Rating: ★★★★½.

19. Salesforce Workbench Tools for Google Chrome

Google Chrome™ extension for logging into Salesforce Workbench from an active Salesforce session. Extension to log you into the Salesforce Workbench in one click from Google Chrome. This is not the Workbench itself. Purpose: dev mgt. Users: 4,735. Ratings: ★★★★.

20. Salesforce Lightning Inspector

The Salesforce Lightning Inspector opens up and improves your Lightning Component development, giving you access to a wealth of data about your running applications and components. Users: 26,747. Loved by many, but it seems to sometimes crashed last year, which reduced its overall rating: ★★★.

Yeah for Top Salesforce Chrome Extensions! We love them.

May you have a productive day.


We first wrote this article in 2019. It has been annually updated since – current update: 2024.


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