What is Datorama? (psst…. everything for Data)

Apr 23, 2019

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Ok. It is official now. We have landed in the Data-Era. Like it or not, creativity is being complemented by Data science in most advanced marketing departments. And other companies, are trying to keep up, or … ahum … avoid it as long as they can as they dwell on branding and market value. But really, you are as good as your last sale and your best current customer experience.

Data drives that sale and customer experience.

As an up-to-date marketing manager or CXO, you know all this. And you recognise that it’s a major challenge to your team to connect all marketing data from many different sources: different stakeholders have data in different systems and spreadsheets.

So, now you ask, weren’t you supposed to talk about Datorama..?

What is Datorama?

Now that you have this context, let me explain that Datorama is a software that handles one fundamental question: “Are you sure you have all your customer data together?” With Datorama, you can be 100% sure.

Its marketing data integration engine lets you connect all of your data from any source, by choosing from its extensive data library, or by connecting any non-API file, you have from any system. It then recognises and organises your data for you. So you can focus on insights and decision making. Datarama empowers this to provide:

  • Real time visibiltiy
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Rapid Scaleability.

It will transform the way you look at your marketing data.

Datorama Intro Video

On it’s own, Datorama delivers more better reporting, efficient decision making, and control over your marketing performance, of every stage :

  • Awareness and engagement
  • Funnel Conversion
  • Sales Performance.
What is Datarama

In sum

Self-acclaimed, Datorama is a leading cloud-based, AI-powered marketing intelligence and analytics platform for enterprises, agencies and publishers.


Datorama joined the Salesforce family of products mid-2018, to enhance the power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud with expanded data integration, intelligence and analytics, enabling marketers to unlock insights across all of their marketing channels and data sources.

Now you can bring your marketing up to a whole other level. Contact us for more information, on how this could work for your organisation.

Interested to learn more?

We would be very happy to help you.

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