What is Salesforce Genie?

Nov 15, 2023

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Salesforce Genie is a new concept name to guide the company and Ohana way forward in the years to come.

Last Dreamforce (Sep 2022), Salesforce announced Genie – a new character that looks like a bunny being the magician itself. Contrast that with the more cliché: a smart magician pulling an innocent bunny out of a hat. Perhaps there is more to the symbolism than immediately comes to mind.

What is Salesforce Genie?

As a concept, Salesforce Genie unifies all of a company’s customer data across channels and interactions into a single, real-time customer profile. Practically, it can be simplistically described as a Customer Data Platform empowered with Artificial Intelligence. As such, Genie If you’re a formula-thinker, that would be: Genie = CDP +AI.

In the Salesforce Ohana? Then this is your formula:

Salesforce Genie = CDP + Flow + Tableau + Einstein + MuleSoft.

Key benefits of Genie

More than 2/3 of consumers expect every interaction with a business to be personalised (McKinsey research) But many companies’ reality is that their customer data is fragmented, partially duplicated, and silo-ed. Imagine: companies use nearly 1000 apps to run their business (Mulesoft research). Add to these facts that – according to IDC – customer data is expected to double by 2026. Then, it becomes clear that we need a Genie as software, plus many genius Salesforce CDP consultants who can help companies run their business more effectively and realise relevant, compelling, and personalised experiences — with real-time orchestration.

Wasn’t Salesforce CDP meant to do all that?

Yes, but Genie takes it further. Based on CloudAnalysts’ experience with its CDP, Marketing Cloud and CRM, Salesforce Genie’s key benefit is its real-time nature, and the extension of Salesforce CDP with more data sources.

Like with a CDP, as a product, Salesforce Genie lets you:

  • Connect Data — all your customer data at scale, from any app, device, or real-time stream, with out-of-the-box connectors.
  • Harmonise Data— all of your data into a single customer graph, automatically!
  • Engage with Customers — Empower any department and any industry with unified customer profiles that adapt to their activity in real time.
  • Create Magical Experiences — for your customers in critical moments when milliseconds matter most.

Who uses Salesforce Genie

As the product is brand new, only a handful of vetted customers have been able to enjoy its benefits in beta. That includes the likes of Ford, L’Oréal, and Formula 1.

Salesforce Genie use cases & case studies

Salesforce Genie Roadmap

Just like Customer 360˚ in 2018 was more of a concept than ‘something to buy of the shelves, today Salesforce Genie is also a ‘product’ that will be developed as a central focus point for Salesforce. Traditionally, Salesforce works with very large customers to do so. These early adopters get prime mover advantage, but they also make it more cost effective for others to follow down the road.

Salesforce Genie Architecture & Technical Overview

Envisioning companies to grow faster when they use Salesforce Genie, the product has been designed with scalability. As this is all about customer data, it’s architecture enables companies with security, compliance and privacy management right into the product.

Technically, Genie is build right on the Hyperforce platform – see illustration.


“Hyperforce is a new infrastructure architecture that unifies the foundations of the various clouds and allows Salesforce to scale rapidly and securely using public cloud partners.

Leveraging our public cloud partners allows us to expand quickly and also helps us meet local data storage requirements.

Hyperforce allows us to grow using common tools, deployment patterns, security practices, and software development processes.”

Hyperforce Delivers Performance at B2B and B2C Scale. With the elasticity of public cloud, Salesforce can scale more quickly, which allows for more flexibility and additional efficiencies. H

yperforce allows resources to be deployed in the public cloud quickly and easily — reducing implementation time from months to just weeks or even days. Global Compliance with Local Data Storage Needs. Customers can choose from existing Salesforce storage regions, as well as an increasing number of Hyperforce countries. Ever-increasing data storage options will help customers remain in compliance with regulations specific to their company, industry and region.” – source: Salesforce.

Salesforce Genie Pricing

Exact pricing is not available at this stage. It’s likely to attractive mostly for large multi-nationals, today. In future, we expect the product will be come attractive to a wider audience.

Having said this, all companies should prepare today to work towards integrating, purifying, normalising its data. When they do this, already today, they can take advantage of some of the benefits that Genie stands for with Marketing Cloud and CDP.

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